3 things

1) So today I applied to be a part of the Mizuno Mezamashii Run Project. I received an e-mail from them yesterday and read all about it and it sounds pretty cool.

The goal of the Mezamashii Run Project is to, ” help create a more euphoric running experience – a more “brilliant” run – for more runners everywhere.” Who doesn’t want a better running experience?? Click here to learn about it. And keep your fingers crossed I get chosen! 

2) I’m also thinking about signing up for the Yonkers half marathon… It’s on September 16th and works perfectly with my training program. Anyone else want to run with me???

3) Last night I had a great speed work session with the flyers. We did loops in Central Park on the bridle path and ran about 5.5 miles. Last night’s session was an “open house” for new members so afterwards we all headed to a bar on the upper east side. I enjoyed one beer, and got to meet a lot of cool people. Most of whom are running the New York City Marathon this year! It was fun talking about the race and what to expect. Last night made me so happy I joined a running group – new friends and better training.



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6 responses to “3 things

  1. Cathy Goddard

    I’m not familiar with the Mezamashii Run Project, but I currently wear Mizuno running shoes. I love them! They feel like they were custom-made just for my feet!! I got them at Nordstrom’s, of all places, on sale for $99. I will definitely buy them again when it’s time to replace this pair!

  2. Ooooh- I actually might sign up for the Yonkers 1/2 too. I have been looking for a 1/2 to do in the fall…hmmm- I will let you know!!

  3. training with friends is SO awesome! they always seem to have motivation to spare if you aren’t really feeling it that day!

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