Less is more?

Sometimes it is! According to Runner’s World magazine. And after reading the article – Less Does More – I’m a fan.

Summertime is when a lot of runners are training for marathons. It’s also one of the most social times of the year. So it gets very difficult to find a balance.  You have a training plan, but your friends want to go to the beach… But you need to run 15 miles… What do you do??

You first need to relax a little bit. (I know, it’s hard for me too…) The RW article says “Give up the perfectionism runners often cling to,… you’re more likely to gain the physical and mental benefits of the sport that will keep you hooked and running for good.” You can rearrange your schedule a little bit to get everything done. Maybe move your long run, or get up extra early, get your run in and head to the beach.

Another great suggestion is to try to establish one day per week that is your running day – each and every week – no question about it. This might be my favorite. I’ve written in Speedwork Training with the Flyers on every Tuesday in my calendar. That is my “date” with running.

Oh, one more thing. Just remember to be consistent. Don’t go out there and run 18 miles and then do nothing for a week. You need to be consistent. Your body needs to know that this is going to be happening 3, 4, maybe 6 days a week. Running sporadically won’t help you at all. Especially if you’re just doing a long run once a week.

I also like to celebrate mini achievements throughout my training. Like – Hey! I ran 20 miles today! Let’s go out for dinner! Or –  I just beat my personal best in the race this morning, new running shorts for me! 🙂


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