I’m a cooking machine.

This week I felt as though I had great balance. I ran, hung out with Ryan and actually went grocery shopping and cooked. I made a conscious effort to spend time with Ryan this week since next week is the beginning of NYC Marathon training. AND he is moving home to New Jersey at the end of July so we won’t be seeing each other as much. July thru October will probably be difficult but I know we’ll be okay.

Anyways – Back to this week!
I did not volunteer on Monday and I didn’t go to the Flyers Speedwork. Instead I ran both nights on my own and made time to see Ryan. I think it was a win-win since I still got my running in.

Last night was when I really felt as though I got this whole “balance” thing down. After work the last thing I wanted to do was run… But I sucked it up and got down to business. I picked up some food for Lexi (cat), hit the gym (4 miles) and then went straight to the grocery store. During the day I had read up on saving money on meals by buying in bulk and freezing already made meals. I know this isn’t a new thing – but for me it was life changing!(<— over-exaggerating) I bought a five pound bag of potatoes, a big thing of chicken breasts, two sweet potatoes, two marinades, sour cream, and shredded cheese for only $26! In New York that’s amazing! 
Once I got home I got to work. I made twice baked potatoes and marinated chicken two ways – honey bbq and teriyaki. 
Total it took about 2 hours with clean up but now I have a bunch of meals. No more pasta for every meal!

I’m really proud of myself since I’m not the best cook and I know this is going to help when training really gets tough and I’m exhausted. I’m going to make it a goal to do this at least once a once from now on. It saves money, I’ll eat healthier and I’ll actually have a little variety in what I’m eating! 



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2 responses to “I’m a cooking machine.

  1. I am shocked you only spent $26 on all that!! Where did you go? I don’t eat meat, but my boyfriend does and I never buy him chicken anymore because it seems so expensive!!
    Super impressed with your shopping skills 🙂

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