Happy AFTER Fourth of July Weekend

So remember how last week I was all balanced and happy and got everything done? Remember how great that was?? 
Yeah, well this week has been a little different… My work load has increased like crazy and you know, Fourth of July happened in the MIDDLE OF THE WEEK. So it’s been just a little bit crazy over here. I like a planned out week with no change. In Catie World this week was unorganized and not to my liking.
I have a routine and it got thrown out.

I’ve already missed one of my training runs… In the first week of training!
Who does that?!

Anyway. I’m SOOO happy it’s Friday. I’ll leave you with this lovely photo below…
It sums up my Wednesday…

Happy AFTER Fourth of July Weekend!

PS – I signed up for the Staten Island Half-Marathon 🙂 join me??? 


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One response to “Happy AFTER Fourth of July Weekend

  1. cathy goddard

    Is that Ryan in that smart outfit???? What a riot!!! I love it!!!

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