Race to the beach

Saturday morning I was up early for the Boomer’s Run to Breathe 10K race. A portion of the race entry was a donation to fight Cystic Fibrosis.

I wasn’t feeling too great for some reason and I was a little worried I would either have to take a bunch of bathroom breaks or stop mid-race. It was really weird. I had felt fine all week, and then randomly Saturday morning I felt like I had the flu or something…

Anyway, the race started and as soon as I crossed the starting line I felt pretty good. There were only two times where I had a side ache. It was a hot day, but not humid which was great! I didn’t beat my 10K Mini time but I did finish in exactly 46 minutes, which is still awesome. I’ll take it! I even helped the Women Fylers get third place!

Pretty cool, right?!

Right after the race was over I grabbed my bag and headed straight to Penn Station. Ryan and I had a beach day planned and I did not want to get there too late in the afternoon!

It was so relaxing and I think I got a little more tan… for me… I’m still really pale compared to the people of New Jersey and New York! 

After laying out we headed to the boardwalk. Ryan wanted to play some games and I wanted food.

I think this was the first time I’ve been to the boardwalk with Ryan and he’s won. I pretty sure I’m bad luck. He won two huge candy packs for his grandpa. 🙂

And then these beauties happened. OH MY GOSH. This might be the best pizza I have ever had. If you ever go to the Jersey Shore please go to Maruca’s Pizza. I want a slice right now. Yum.

After dinner we headed over to Ryan’s grandparents house and called it a night. I had a looonnng Saturday,  but it was awesome. Beach day can now be crossed off the Summer List!


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5 responses to “Race to the beach

  1. artificiallybalanced

    awesome time on the race! you are so fast 🙂 what beach do you go to in jersey? i have been going to rockaway beach, its a little bit of a ride on the A train but it drops you off right at the beach! I’m hoping to get in at least 2 more beach days before the end of summer! also, i was thinking- we should set up a NYC blogger meet-up soon! 16 Handles possibly?? 🙂

    • We were by Seaside Heights.. I can’t remember the name…
      I’m down for a NYC Blogger meet up!! That would be so much fun! For sure around NYC Marathon time 🙂

  2. Sarah A.

    Love your swimsuit!! is it V.S.?

    • I bought it at Nordstrom when I was home in May. I can’t remember the brand, but it’s the most comfy/cute swim suit I own! I’m in love with it!

  3. Nice job on the race- you are super fast! I haven’t had a beach day yet this summer, but had a pool day on Sunday (also in Jersey!). I’m down for another NYC blogger meet up too!!

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