Being a pace leader was fun!

Everyone was so nice and super motivated. I even got to meet Bill Baldwin.

I haven’t met a lot of celebrities. BUT. He is super nice and was just like us “normal” people. He is looking for people to run the New York City Marathon for his family’s breast cancer foundation. So for all of you out there that entered the lottery and didn’t get in.. CLICK HERE. Sign up and help a great cause!

My plan was to run the first 11 eleven miles. However, that was soon changed when we found out that there was only one pace leader in our 8:30 group running the entire 20 mile run.
So to help out I ran the first loop (6 miles) then sat out the second loop (5 miles) and ran the third (5 miles) and fourth loops (4 miles). So in total I ran 15 miles. My time was 2:06:XX. 8:24 pace. Pretty darn good for my first time pacing!

I’ll definitely be doing this again. I met some great people and got an awesome run in!







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3 responses to “Pacing

  1. Nice work! And luckily you beat the downpour that came later in the day!

  2. Crissy

    ummm, pretty darn awesome for your first time pacing!

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