I’m a Winner

*** For some reason this post never actually posted on my blog… I’m so confused! Here is the post that was meant for Saturday morning! ***

So, like I said yesterday I was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award!!!

With winning there are rules. 

1. Post the Beautiful Blogger Award

2. Thank the person who nominated you – Thank you Elisha!!!!!

3. Tell seven things about yourself

4. Nominate 7 other bloggers and comment on their page to let them know (I only could do three…)

Seven facts about ME:

1) I went to a full immersion french school from pre-school to third grade. We only had 30 minutes of English a day.
2) I lived abroad in London for four months my junior year of college.
3) I danced from pre-school up until college.
4) I love libraries. Whenever I go some place new and I see a library I want to go inside and check it out…(Ryan thinks it’s pretty cool)
5) My favorite place in the whole wide world is my parent’s house in Oregon – on the couch watching Gilmore Girls and eating gelato with them.
6) When I was little my grandma and I bought best friend necklaces and wore them everywhere together. We were (and still are) the coolest.
7) If I could own one more dog and one more cat I would love it. For some reason I think Lexi (cat) and Bailey (dog) need friends to hangout with. (Don’t worry Dad and Ryan, it’s not happening anytime soon!)

My blogger picks!!! I don’t read that many blogs so here are my TOP 3!

1) HungryRunnerGirl
2) HowdyFromNewYork
3) CisforCourtney



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5 responses to “I’m a Winner

  1. ahhh! thank you so much for nominating me! that is so kind & thoughtful of you! ps: tweeted to you yesterday but i think you have to re-follow me! had to delete & restart my twitter a few months ago! @cisforcourtney

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  3. 1. Loved reading your answers!
    2. so jealous you lived in London
    3. Not surprised about the dancing- you completely look like a dancer 🙂
    4.I love libraries too! I actually try to find & visit them when I am in a new place!

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