This weekend felt like I was on vacation. It was great! We were very active but also relaxed and got some sun!!

Friday night Ryan and I went to the gym, ran and then picked up these amazing wraps at The Muscle Maker Grill. It’s next to the gym and the food they serve there is all healthy. I may or may not be addicted to that place now. I’m pretty jealous Ryan lives 5 minutes away…

On Saturday we laid out and got some sun, went to the gym again and did weight training stuff – I really need it and then went out for Chinese food. Super good. I love Chinese food.  

Sunday we took Bailey for a walk in the park.

We had to cut it short because it was sooo hot and she was looking a little too hot.

Poor Bailey rested by my feet and drank lots of water after our walk.

Basically our whole weekend was – working out, eating awesome food, and laying around. The best kind of weekend, I think 🙂
A long run didn’t happen… Oops.

Oh, and we painted Bailey’s nails. She is a styling puppy.



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3 responses to “Weekend

  1. Ryan Smith

    Pretty damn impressive those nails

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