I’m famous.

So… I’m totally famous.

My picture is in New York Runner magazine 🙂 This photo was taken at the New York Mini 10k, my very first race as a New York Flyer! (Thanks Elisha for letting me know!!)

Saturday was the Percy Sutton 5K race which was part of Harlem Week. It was a very humid morning and the course was hilly but I powered through and finished in 21:47 – a 7:02 pace! First woman Flyer, 23rd in my age group! 
After the race I ran some more miles with a new Flyer friend and totaled 11 miles for the day.

After running I didn’t really do anything…. I did try out this face mask thing… My Mom had sent it to me awhile go – so instead of spending $150 at a spa, I did it myself!

I watched a lot of TV and then it was time to get ready for my friend Lisa’s end of summer party. We all had a lot of fun and it was great to see friends from college. 

And now… I just need to get ready for vacation!!! One more day of work!!!



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7 responses to “I’m famous.

  1. Yay you got it! So cool 🙂
    7:02! You are crazy fast!! Nice job!
    Where are you going on vacation?

  2. Ryan Smith

    7:02 pace is insane……

  3. how cool is that! i hope you got like 10 copies of that mag! also, NICE WORK SPEEDY!!! hope you have a great vacation!

  4. Crissy

    Hi Catie! I saw you in the magazine the other day and I have been meaning to comment. You are famous! Great photo. Enjoy your vacation. I think you do more in a weekend than I do in an entire year…

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