Back to Training

Sunday I ran in the Race for the Cure. It was a nice and easy 5K that helped a great cause.

My friend Amanda created a fundraising team – The Pink Panthers. The race was way more laid back then I’m used to. There was no timing (we used my Garmin) and the bib numbers did not correspond with each individual. It was weird to me since I’m used to being timed and really racing hard.
I ran two miles to the race start which was a good warm up but I could tell my legs were a little tired from my ten mile run the day before. The weather was perfect running weather and there was a lot of downhill on the course so I knew our team would do well.

I paced my friends Marc and Andrew which was really fun. I had never paced anyone in a real race before! Marc had a goal time and we crushed it by a minute and a half! Awesome! Our time was 22:34 – a 7:16 pace.

Some of the team members!

I’ve looked at my calendar this morning and freaked out a little bit… Did you know the marathon is in 54 days?!?? And each weekend in September I have a race/and or running commitment. Yikes. My poor legs are going to be tired!

This Weekend’s Line Up:
Saturday – Fitness Spirit Games 4 miler
Sunday – 15 mile Palisades Long run with the New York Flyers.

So I guess this is when I say “I’ll see you all after November 4th…” That’s when I can be social again… Oh, and then I have to start thinking about the Eugene Marathon… (who needs a social life, right???)



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3 responses to “Back to Training

  1. OMG- I completely just got chills when I read “the marathon is in 54 days”… freakout is about to commence. haha. Plus, I’m off to Ireland on Friday, so running is definitely going to take a lower priority while I’m there. Yikes!

    • It’s so soon!! I can’t believe it! You’re going to have a blast in Ireland!!! It’s okay if you can’t get out and run, I bet you’ll be walking a lot. 🙂

  2. pink panthers — that is a cute team name! you aren’t the only one thinking about 2013!

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