Walking, Running, Starting line

I’ve been trying to walk to and from work this week since the weather has been so nice (and it saves $5 a day). I’m loving this weather and the time outside! This fall weather has been lovely. It’s a very relaxing 35 minute walk and I know I’ll miss it once it starts to snow and get super cold.

I received my start information for the New York City Marathon the other day – I’m in Green Wave #2, Corral 32 – I’ll start at 10:05am… Anyone else???

This weekend I’m running the Palisades Long Run with the Flyers and I’m excited to run in a new location and see where I am running wise. I signed up to run 15 miles, but if I’m feeling good I might do more. I really want to be ready for the marathon!



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2 responses to “Walking, Running, Starting line

  1. I was so excited to get mine too!! blue wave #4, corral 56, start time 10:55..haha- waaaay behind you!

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