Horrible Timing.

I have a cold. This is horrible timing.

Last week I took off from running. I called it my Vacation Week. It was fun, I was social – I got other things done – there’s way more going on in life than running, you know?  I ran once – 5.5 miles.
I said I’m going to come back strong next week! Really get my runs in and make them count.

I started off the week great! Monday night – cross-training! I took my first Pure Barre class and it was awesome!
And then I woke up Tuesday with a sore throat… and then I woke up today with a cold. LAME.
I didn’t run last night and I’m probably not going to run tonight…
AND Sunday I’m suppose to pace lead 20 miles with the Flyers! Talk about bad timing, huh?

Here’s my plan to get better by Sunday – DayQuil. Tons of water. Emergen-C. NyQuil. Lots of sleep. Speedy recovery! fingers crossed.


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  1. I think everyone in NYC is sick right now. Both my boyfriend and I are down with colds too. And I am totally in the same running boat! Took 9 days off while I was in Ireland, ran monday and tuesday this week and then woke up feeling incredibly crappy yesterday…today is even worse! We are suppose to do 18 on sunday and skydive on saturday. can’t jump out of planes when sinuses are clogged 😦
    hate being sick…

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