I hate being sick.

I thought I was cold free. Friday I felt great! Went to Pure Barre class, met up with Ryan and we (he mostly) made the best pizza ever!

Then I woke up on Saturday and I felt WORSE then I had all week! What the heck!? Totally not fair. So… I waited and waited and by 9:30pm I knew I had to e-mail the Flyers and tell them I wouldn’t be able to pace the 20 miler today. I hate cancelling plans! ugh.
I hate it.

This week I just have to really work hard on getting better. The Staten Island half marathon is on Sunday. My goal is to be back to 100% and back to running. I hope my body hasn’t forgotten how to run. You know, since the marathon is a month a way! YIKES!



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5 responses to “I hate being sick.

  1. all the best for your running stuff…. your pics at the top looks amazing… stay fit 100 % and stay blessed..

  2. Oh no!!! I’m so sorry you are still sick. I’ve been trying to rest A TON the last couple days, and am doing a bit better, but definitely not 100%.
    Joe and I just got home from doing 18 and it was a serious struggle.
    Hang in there- you will get better soon!

  3. that pizza looks delicious. hope you’ve started feeling better. last time i got sick a few friends suggested zinc, hot foods, hot showers & emergen-c!

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