I’m a Social Butterfly


In order to be social this past weekend I had to run my 16 miles on Thursday night (as you know).
Not having to worry about my long run over the weekend was really nice and was I actually able to be social. This is a big deal for me. I go to bed at 9pm…
Friday night I had a social and it was super fun to hang out and relax with a great group of girls. 

Ryan and I then hurried to catch the train to New Jersey because we had to be up at 5am to make it to Ithaca on time for his brother’s football. We went to bed at 1am on Friday and woke up at 5am on Saturday…

Even though our team lost it was a great day! Tailgating is really fun. Eating tons of food is always fun, right?

This is the face of four hours of sleep…

Go Bombers!

Sleeping has been my all time favorite past time since Sunday.
I’m hoping to get some good runs in this week and my last long run (20 miles) in on Sunday. I can’t believe the marathon is so close!!!

PS – I keep running into Ed Westwick on my way work… He really needs to stop following me…




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3 responses to “I’m a Social Butterfly

  1. Looks like a fun weekend! I did my last long run (20) on Saturday and I could have sworn I passed you in the park! I even tweeted you about it when I got home. haha. But, I guess it was just your doppleganger.
    I ran into Matt Damon again today too- he shaved his head!

  2. It’s probably twitter on my phone being retarded.
    plan of action to become matt’s bff is being constructed.

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