Ups and Downs

This weekend was full of ups and downs. I want to first say that I was never for or against having the marathon canceled. The hardest part for me was being bullied by the media and random people who were taking their frustrations about the storm out on the runners. I was actually relieved that the race was canceled because I was afraid to run the race. I did not want to be the focus of people’s anger towards Mayor Bloomberg. And I also feel as though I have to say (which I hate) – Yes. I did donate money and clothes to help the victims of the hurricane. I did not just cry about the marathon being canceled and run in the park.

So, in order to relieve all of the crap being said. I got out of my apartment and ran. With people who ‘get’ me. And who are all in the ‘same boat’…

Saturday night I headed to the park not knowing the all marathon stuff would be up. It was a really strange feeling there that night. Quiet, not a lot of people.

Here’s the finish line. I absolutely love that they fenced off the finish line. No one will cross it until 2013. For some reason that really resonated with me.

Fred Lebow statue. He was the “founder” of the first NYC Marathon.

Then Sunday morning came. Lish invited me to go for a run with her and her boyfriend. We met up and were blown away. It looked like the marathon was still going on! There were thousands of people running in the park.

It was an amazing, emotional feeling. All of us runners coming together. Not knowing what else to do. Needing to be with other runners.

Then then… At the finish line. I met Bill Cunningham. The amazing NYTimes photographer. I was a total dork when I met him.

It was just the morning I needed to get out of my funk. 

Thanks again to Lish for getting me out there! I will never forget that amazing impromptu”marathon” in the park.



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5 responses to “Ups and Downs

  1. Rache

    Good you for staying positive. That Sunday run looks cool! Was it organised or just coincidence? Anyway, it’s a good image to see: harmony and empathy, which is what i think most people (runners or not) want to see for the city. Now let’s hear if you have an alternative race up your sleeve 😉

  2. artificiallybalanced

    So cool that Bill was there! He stands by my work every day and I was lucky enough to end up in the NY Times over the summer thanks to his pictures! 🙂 So sorry that the marathon didnt happen, but awesome that our wonderful NYC running community came together for donations and for a run! It will just make next years marathon that much better!

  3. Yay!! Soooooooo glad we did that and reading it on your blog as well as all of the comments on mine makes me feel so much better. Bill was so cute! 🙂
    NYC 2013!!!!

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