Checking off the list. slowly but surely

Thanksgiving vacation in New Jersey was so nice and relaxing.  The one downside was the outside of my left hurt began to hurt when Ryan and I went for our Thanksgiving “turkey trot”. So weird! I haven’t run since… I’m going to try tonight. Fingers crossed.

Over the weekend I tried TWO new recipes. I’m now down to 24 on my “26th year to do list”. I forgot to take a picture of the cookie/brownie bars but they were a total hit! People even asked for the recipe! That has NEVER happened to me before. NEVER.

Then I tried a breakfast recipe I found on Pinterest. It’s super easy and has four ingredients. Perfect for me.

And then… when I got back to the City I made pumpkin bread. My parents had sent me the Traders Joe’s mix. I’m not counting this as one of the recipes since it’s from a box. BUT it is really good.

PS – I’ve never been this strong in my life. Pure Barre is amazing.


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  1. you’re a baking queen! hope your foot is feeling better && congrats on feeling so strong. it’s an amazing feeling!

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