Too Competitive???

Last night I went on a three mile run in Central Park before my Pure Barre class. There weren’t that many runners out there – I guess 38 degrees is too cold for people?
As I was running I would choose certain people and see if I could pass them. I think most people do this when running to stay motivated and keep a good pace.
I passed this one girl who was going at a pretty fast pace and decided that I would lose her on the upcoming incline. I did, and kept at it until the decline which would be the “rest” slower part of my run. As I was about to finish my first lap I heard her coming up behind me. I could tell she had made an effort to catch me and by her breathing this was the last leg of her run – I could tell she was running out of steam.
And for some reason I could not let her pass me. I just couldn’t do. I know I’m competitive but sometimes it’s a little crazy. I sped up, she didn’t pass me and her run was over…

Does anyone else have this problem? How do you not care/not be so competitive? 

Striving to be the best isn’t a bad thing, but why did couldn’t I let this unknown girl pass me?!



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8 responses to “Too Competitive???

  1. haha- I get so annoyed when people try to pass me, but I also get annoyed when people speed up and don’t let me pass- I’m a running hypocrite 😉

  2. pickyrunner

    I’m the same way. I’m ridiculously competitive haha I mean, it might make you faster but you don’t want to do it to the point where it’s making your legs too tired to recover, either.

  3. artificiallybalanced

    im not super competitive but during a race trying to pass people really does help me! BTW I nominated you for a Sunshine Award! Just repost the survey from my blog, if you want! 🙂

  4. I do the same when I’m actually running in a race because it keeps me from thinking about how long or far I’ve ran so far. Also, when I run with Dakota, he has to be in front of everyone, so I really have no choice but to keep passing people.

  5. This made me laugh outloud. While visiting NYC for my birthday last February… I NOTICED THIS while running in Central Park. It was like every runner was trying to race you. I can’t tell a lie… I definitely returned the “Okay, let’s race!” effort. It was kind of fun actually. Unexpected speed work!

  6. annie

    I doubt this is your problem, but I will tell you my thought on why I am that way.
    I don’t recall ever having a pat on the back or compliments in my past, so by being competitive to a point of “I GOT THIS”, was in my way giving myself a pat on the back!

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