Another Date

Like I said yesterday, I’m all about running dates to help me through my marathon training. Last night was the perfect example. I met up with my friend Heidi right after work and we headed for the park. She is about to move back to Finland so this was our last run together. The next time I see her will be before the New York City Marathon!

Right away she said she wanted to do a longer run. I was super tired from staying up late watching the Super Bowl but I said okay – let’s do the six mile loop! I would have never done that by myself. It was so much fun and the time flew by! It was one of the best six mile runs I’ve ever had. Running with friends is the best!
After the run Heidi wanted to stop by Juice Press. I’d walked by the store before but had never gone inside. Juice Press is a raw food and juice store. They also do juice cleanses.
I knew once I walked in I was in trouble. The place was awesome! All the food and juice looked so good and of course it’s all super healthy!

Heidi did warn me it was expensive. SHE WAS RIGHT. The juice I bought was $13.50… I didn’t see the price until after I paid. Oops.
Juice Press recommends that for beginners to start slow. Swap out one meal for a juice. This morning I had the $13.50 juice for breakfast. And NO COFFEE. This is a huge deal. Coffee is like my best friend.

I need to start eating more healthy and I think these baby steps will help!!!

I’m super excited to try some of the other juices and the food. They have a vegan cheesecake that is supposed to be amazing.

Pure Barre tonight!



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7 responses to “Another Date

  1. holy crap that is expensive juice! Running with friends is way more fun…I think I will coming back to NYC for a couple days this summer, so we will have to have a running date like we use to 🙂

  2. You should definitely get a juicer! I watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (watch it free on hulu: ) in November and immediately went and bought some produce and pulled out the juicer that we got from our wedding that I’d never used – I’m obsessed! Most days I do what’s called the ‘workday cleanse’ and drink 32oz+ of juice during the day at work then eat dinner (usually something on the healthy side). I usually eat like crap on the weekends, but it makes me feel better about it if I’ve juiced during the week 😉

  3. I usually just google recipes, you really can’t go wrong. My main one is similar to the one that the guy drinks in the movie – I do a few leaves of kale, handful of spinach, a cucumber, some celery, either two small apples or 1 large one, and a little ginger. Another good one is a bunch of carrots, 2 oranges, and ginger. It’s crazy how many things you can juice – I’ve used beets, sweet potatoes, red peppers, jalapenos…it’s awesome.

    • I watched the movie and I want to go buy a juicer now!!! I’ll try that recipe from the movie. It seemed like most people liked it.
      Do you bring a bottle of it to work?

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