So the blizzard came to New York City and totally ruined my Saturday morning running plans. I was supposed to meet up with some NY Flyers for a 16 mile run but… as you can see running outside was not going to happen.

photoThe snow is pretty on the trees, but I really needed to get that run in… I headed to the gym to get some miles in but went at the complete wrong time. EVERYONE was there. I was only able to get 3.5 miles in because there was a line to use the treadmills and you get kicked off at 30 minutes… Totally lame…

photo-1 Moving on from that disaster of a long run I decided to do some organizing (Courtney’s idea!). I took everything out of my running drawers and figured out what I use and what I should toss. I also categorized my workout stuff for running and Pure Barre. Now it’ll be super easy to find stuff.

photo-3I continued to be productive and made peanut butter chocolate chip walnut cookies for the Girls Night Out I was going to later that night. They were really good.

photo-4 We had a  great time and the cookies were a hit! I also got an amazing nacho recipe from my friend Mary. Super easy and delicious. (and meatless!)


And on Sunday! I made spaghetti squash!!! I’m on a roll with this no meat thing. I got the recipe HERE. I used spicy tomato sauce and Boca meatless chicken burgers. I can’t wait to have the leftovers tonight!

photo-6 Pure Barre tonight – and crossing my fingers I get to the gym for a run tomorrow morning!!!



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2 responses to “Weekend

  1. pickyrunner

    Those cookies look bomb. I want some now. But anyways, boo for having your run ruined. I hate when weather derails plans and I’m so glad I don’t have that problem at the gym I go to (which isn’t very often) because I would be angry. Although I don’t think I’d last much longer than 3.5 miles on a dreadmill anyways…

  2. So glad you survived the storm, but total bummer about the run! So annoying when weather gets in the way!

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