Two Dates on Valentine’s Day

First off Happy Valentine’s Day!
Make sure to eat some chocolate today!

I’ve already been on one date today. A running date 🙂 I met up with my friend Nicole, who is also a New York Flyer, for an early morning run in Central Park. We had a great 6.5 mile run and it flew by! We talked the whole time. I love when that happens! I also LOVE making running dates. I’ll never cancel and I always run farther with another person. It’s a win – win!

My second date is with Ryan tonight. We’re going to grab a quick dinner (I’m hoping for Chipotle) and then see Silver Linings Playbook. I love going to the movies. The popcorn is so good! And then dessert – chocolate dipped strawberries. I made them last night. I even got creative with a couple of them! 
I can’t wait!




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5 responses to “Two Dates on Valentine’s Day

  1. pickyrunner

    Yummmm chocolate covered strawberries are my favorite! Sounds like a winning day for me. A running date and a movie date? Those are my two favorite kinds!

  2. You’ll love Silver Linings Playbook – it’s really good. And good for you for already getting your run in – I’m planning a short 4-miler right after work so I’ll have to time to shower and help Scott make dinner for V-day.

  3. I am dying to see that movie! And, chocolate covered strawberries sound amazing! have fun 🙂

  4. Patti Kennedy

    OMG! Joe and I are going to the same film tonight! Enjoy Catie:)

  5. Cathy Goddard

    I saw that movie on my birthday – loved it!! I hope you & Ryan, Aunt Patti, and Uncle Joe like it, too! And I love, love, LOVE chocolate covered strawberries – what a treat!! Happy Valentine’s Day, Catie & Ryan! xoxoxo

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