First Race of 2013

This weekend was my first race of 2013.
My first half marathon of the four I plan to run this year.

I didn’t know what to expect and went into the race being calm and excited to see how I would do. Going in to a race with no pressure is a lot more fun than when you have a specific goal time.
The weather was a little cold (37 degrees) but after a couple of miles I warmed up and felt great.
The race was pretty hilly – we ran Harlem Hill once, Cat Hill twice and the “three sisters” on the west side twice. If you can race in Central Park you can do any race.
I felt great through the entire race and just tried to keep pushing through until the end. The last mile and a half was pretty difficult but that’s because I really wanted to beat my Staten Island half marathon time. And I did!!! By 1 minute and 54 seconds! I couldn’t believe. I was and still am so happy about that!


They gave all of us medals and hats and had tons of food at the finish line. Bagels with cream cheese, strawberries, apples, even hot chocolate. All I wanted was Gatorade and a bagel though. NYC RUNS puts on a great race.

I tried out my arm warmers for the first time during the race and I loved them. They kept me warm but I never felt overheated. Best $3 I’ve ever
I never knew I had such pointy elbows…



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7 responses to “First Race of 2013

  1. pickyrunner

    Ahhhhh congrats on the half!!! That’s a pretty big PR and you should be so proud! That’s my current best time and I’m really shooting to shave a couple minutes off this year. Great start for the first of many races 🙂

  2. artificiallybalanced

    Congrats girlie!!!! Awesome PR! 🙂

  3. awesome job!! I wish i could have been there to run it, but I definitely don’t miss running harlem hill. haha. cool medal too! how in the world did you get arm warmers for $3?!?!

  4. Crissy

    Congratulations, Catie! You rock!

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