I’m REALLY cool now

I’m a grandma. I have a cat and now I knit.
My friend Kristen (who ran the Portland Marathon with me) is a crazy awesome knitter and makes the most awesome stuff. For about a month now I’ve been asking her about knitting and watching videos on how to knit. Well, learning how to knit again. My grandma taught me a long time ago.


Last night I finally went to the knitting store and bought yarn for my first project! A scarf!

Now I’m really cool… I have a cat AND I knit… Ryan is really lucky to have such a crazy girlfriend like me 🙂

PS – My legs are still sore from the half-marathon. I ran two miles this morning and was like – I’m outta here.



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5 responses to “I’m REALLY cool now

  1. pictfamily

    cute picture of your cat and beautiful knitting, but beware, cats like nothing better than to unravel and tangle!

  2. pickyrunner

    Haha I’m a grandma too, it’s fine. We’ll have to have a grandma status party one day where we talk about old times and knit sweaters 🙂

  3. I totally knot too! I am trying to learn how to arm knit though. I have a video tutorial, but haven’t watched it yet (need some new yarn!) it makes a really cool chunky scarf though!

  4. Cathy Goddard

    Now you need a rocking chair, magnifying glasses that you wear at the end of your nose, put your hair in a bun at the back of your head down by your neck, and some “forwards-only” slippers – the “complete granny package!” If anyone can pull it off and look rockin’ hot, it will be you!!! Go granny, GO!!!

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