It’s snowing here. A lot. It’s very pretty. If you’re inside. Commuting to work this morning was not fun.


On the bright side – it’s suppose to be 50 degrees tomorrow. Perfect running weather!


16 miles are planned for tomorrow morning. Then a nap – and then a birthday party. Sunday I’ll relax and rest… I hope.
Happy Friday!



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5 responses to “Snowww

  1. pickyrunner

    16 miles? That’s impressive! I’ve got 14 on the schedule and it looks like it’s going to be a perfect day for it. Snow like that is never fun but at least it’s pretty to look at… not as pretty as sunshine and flowers, though.

  2. 16 miles sounds so out of my reach right now – I’m supposed to be doing a 10 miler this weekend but I haven’t ran since Monday because of a bruised tailbone 😦 Hopefully it’ll feel ok on the run!

  3. Ahhhh- you just reminded me how much I don’t miss walking to work there when we had bad weather. it was 63 and sunny in Denver yesterday 🙂 But, we are getting a big storm tonight – perfect timing for snowboarding tomorrow. have a great weekend!

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