Two Things

Two things – 
My cat will not sleep at night. This whole week I’ve been woken up countless times and today I’m really feeling it. That and I was up at 5:40am for a 6 1/2 mile run with my friend from the Flyers. Both combined means I’ll be drinking lots and lots of coffee today.
I tried playing with her last night before bed to get her tired… Didn’t work. I guess she needs more play time?
What I’m reading:
photoI started this book last night. I’m only about 20 pages in so I don’t know yet if I like it or not. But I do like how he writes. Just free flowing thoughts – like he’s in conversation with you. I thought this would be a good pick since I’m one month away from the Eugene Marathon. (!!!!!)

Volunteering tonight, Pure Barre tomorrow, run Friday morning than partying it up this weekend. (more about this weekend later)






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7 responses to “Two Things

  1. I use to have a cat that would keep me up all night too! Can’t wait to hear about the weekend plans.

    • Yeah… I blame the cat on Ryan – He said I should have a pet… haha
      I can’t wait to share my weekend plans! They’re a secret, someone who reads this blog can’t find out about them!

  2. How many times do you run each week? I try to do 2 longer runs (1 really long) and then 2 shorter and also go to workout classes at Scott’s work at least once a week – I just don’t want to over or under do it.

    • Lately I’ve been running three times a week. During the week my runs are between 5 and 7 miles and then I do my long run on Saturday. I try and take two Pure Barre classes a week on top of that. With this weekly routine I haven’t been too sore or burnt out yet. I’ve really been listening to my body this time around.

  3. Jessica J.

    I just saw this cartoon this week and it seemed really ftting for your blog post,

  4. My cats wake me up/ keep me up too. Usually it’s just because they are being fat and just want more food. It’s great that you are playing with her more in an attempt to get out all that excess energy. I hope you figure out something soon, I know that can be so frustrating! Maybe offer her a little snack before you go to bed?

    That looks like an interesting book, I’ll have to add it to the list!

    Also, how did I space that you are running Eugene?!

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