What the Surprise Was

So the weekend surprise I couldn’t tell you about was my friend’s surprise bridal shower/bachelorette party!
It was two weekends ago (I had a horrible cold last week and wasn’t a person – that means I haven’t run and I didn’t blog) 
Back to the bridal shower weekend!
Friday night I stayed at my friend Jackie’s house and we made a wishing well for the shower. It was a nice relaxing Friday night. (My cold had already settled in and I was super tired.)


Saturday was the big day!image-1The decorations at the shower were so cute! The party favors were delicious cupcakes. You can’t go wrong with cupcakes.
image The bride-to-be is in the middle – with the silver dress on. We’ve all been friends since Senior year of college.461_963966266892_195473305_nThe day wasn’t over after the shower – Elena had another surprise! Her Bachelorette Party!image-2We had a little pre-party and then took a party bus to Atlantic City. It was so much fun and I’m pretty sure Elena had a great time!

After this fun and crazy weekend my cold really hit hard and I didn’t go to work for two days. I was so sick and I still haven’t run yet… Tomorrow will be the first day back. I’m now a little nervous about the Eugene Marathon… It’s a month away! yikes! Stupid colds…



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6 responses to “What the Surprise Was

  1. Elena Gutierrez

    What an amazing weekend it was…thank you for being such a trooper!! Thank you thank you thank you…I have such an amazing group of friends!! Love you all xoxo

  2. pickyrunner

    Wow you all look gorgeous and I’m glad you had such an incredible time! That party looks like it was an absolute blast! I hope you feel better soon 😦

  3. UGH! I have been so bad about my training lately with all the house buying stuff we have had going on. I decided to get back on track this week and did 5 miles yesterday but it was not a good run – hopefully my body bounces back into training. I can’t believe it’s only a month away! EEK!

  4. your little black dress is AWESOME! you look fabulous! sorry to hear you were sick!

  5. How fun! You all look so great! Don’t stress about Eugene- you will be ready and a week off at this point isn’t going to hurt you…it may even help 🙂

  6. What an awesome surprise! I love how all the bridesmaids coordinated to wear LBDs for AC!

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