So this whole marathon training thing isn’t going so hot. I was doing really well and then I got sick and I’ve lost some motivation. Last week I ran a total of 51/2 miles… That is not good when the Eugene Marathon is this month. yikes.

Here’s this week’s plan:

Monday – nothing

Tuesday – Pure Barre

Wednesday – Morning run – 5 1/2 miles

Thursday – Pure Barre

Friday – Morning run

Saturday or Sunday – Long run (20 miles???)

I’m suppose to run 20 miles this weekend… My plan is to run as long as I can. I don’t want to injure myself. I also have the More Magazine Half Marathon April 14th so I’m going to run some miles beforehand to make sure I get two solid long runs before the marathon.

I really wanted to go into this marathon prepared but you never know what life will bring you. I got a horrible cold. Oh, and I also have to find a new apartment by May 15th. Life’s been a little crazy lately!



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7 responses to “Yikes.

  1. olivetorun

    Hey, things come up and you need to make sure you’re being safe in your training. Like you said run as far as you can and don’t get too stressed about it. πŸ˜€

  2. Oh good lord, now you’re going to having moving/packing issues while training just like me. Scott and I are moving into our new house the week after the Eugene Marathon so the last half of April is going to be pretty hectic. I did do 10 miles last Friday though and it went pretty well – slower pace than I wanted but didn’t want to push it. You can do it! Only 3 weeks left, then you can maybe relax a little!

    • Yeah, its just been one thing after another! haha Why does it all have to happen two months before Eugene!?
      If you’re rocking 10 miles now I you’ll kick butt in the half!

  3. Try not to stress- I know how you feel though! Thats great that you are doing the More- i did it 2 years ago…kinda boring since it’s the same route you do everyday, but really cool because it’s all women πŸ™‚
    Get lots of sleep and eat well the next couple weeks and I think you will be ok!

  4. Cathy Goddard

    Don’t stop training but don’t beat yourself up. Just do the best you can between now and then. Granted, I was walking, but it’s still 26.2 miles – remember when I did my two marathons 3 months apart? I had trained, trained, trained perfectly for the first one in Portland Sept 18, 1996; then took a week or 10 days off before starting to train again for the Honolulu Marathon December 8, 1996. Followed my training schedule for about 2 weeks – then got the flu or bronchitis or something horrible that kept me from working out or training for a whole month! I think I only did about 4 walks – a couple of 8 milers, a couple of 10 milers and one 20 miler. I talked to our coaches (this was for the group – The Leukemia Society). They said not to worry – “your body remembers exactly what to do.” And it DID!! I had the best time and beat my Portland time – no sweat!! You are in such good shape, Catie. Just keep eating right, sleep right, little or no alcohol, run when you can – your body WILL REMEMBER!! You got this one!! Rock it, Girl!!

  5. Oh no! I’m sorry things have been so crazy. Do you think you will drop to the half or still go for the full? Hope you are feeling better than that things have calmed down!

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