Getting Ready and Run for Boston

I bought some marathon essentials this week to get me pumped for Eugene.


 I bought two pairs of my favorite running socks, two gels I’ll be taking at miles 9 and 18 and shower wipes – just in case we have to check out of our hotel before the marathon and I can’t take a shower until we get back home.
No one wants a stinky marathoner at the dinner table.

This weekend I’ll be running in two Boston Tribute runs.
Here’s the information if you’d like to join!

Saturday, April 20th – 8am:

The New York Flyers invite anyone and everyone: Flyers, members of any and all other teams, unaffiliated runners, people who don’t run but support humanity and running-for fun and/or for competition to gather at the Maine Monument at Columbus Circle at 8am on Saturday, April 20th. Once we gather a few words will be said and, by 8:15am, we will be off to loop Central Park’s bridle path one time at a leisurely pace. You can do the whole loop or any part of it. You can run, you can walk. We will take the bridle path to avoid conflicts with any cyclists out training or racing. I suggest that if you have Boston Marathon gear, from any year, that you wear it. It’s ok if you don’t, but then try to wear something blue and yellow, the race’s colors in many years.  

Sunday, April 21st – 3pm:

WHERE: The FINISH LINE of the NYC Marathon (near Tavern on the Green)

WHEN: Sunday, April 21, 3pm. We will gather at 3 and leave shortly after 3:30pm, when we will observe a moment of silence in honor of the Boston Marathon victims and their families.

We’ll run a full loop of the park, heading South.

WHAT TO BRING: Wear something Boston-related, if you can.



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3 responses to “Getting Ready and Run for Boston

  1. Annie

    Hey, I don’t know how you run so much without moleskin, I speed walk 4 miles use to do 6 and am trying to work my way up. Have you ever blistered? Or calused? This stuff is great! Give Ry a Hug for me, I miss him!

  2. pickyrunner

    I wish I could do a Boston tribute run. I’m sure it will be a really powerful moment.

  3. I would totally do both runs with you if i still lived there! Joe and I will do one on our own Sunday morning 🙂

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