Running for Boston

This weekend the weather was perfect. Perfect for the Boston tribute runs.
Saturday I went to the run organized by the New York Flyers.
Everyone wore Boston Marathon colors – Blue and yellowimage-1

I was able to  get a good group of friends to join me. There were eight of us total which was awesome. Plus about 300 other runners!923425_977891775062_1214618992_n

We ran the 4 mile Bridle Path loop in the park.



Then on Sunday I headed back to the park for the Solidarity Run. Many of us got NY hearts Boston

This was a six mile loop in the

Even Mary Whittenberg- NYRR CEO came out to show her support.


It was nice to be with other runners showing support for what happened in Boston. This has really brought the running community together is amazing ways.

I also squeezed in a trip to New Jersey… Ryan and I hit up IKEA, Lowes and Costco. Our apartment is going to look so awesome!

photo-2Bailey was keeping watch on all of our new stuff…



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4 responses to “Running for Boston

  1. Looks like 2 awesome runs- man, I am really missing CP. You’r apartment looks really cute already! This is the new one right? Did you end up staying on the UES?

    • I wish you could have been there!!! That’s actually Ryan’s parents dining room. haha
      We’re not moving until the middle of May. We’ll be in Rego Park, Queens 🙂

  2. Cathy Goddard

    Bailey is an awesome watchdog!!! What a little tuffy!!
    Your Saturday and Sunday group runs must have felt good. What a great way to support everyone who was at Boston last Monday.
    Looks like your NJ IKEA, Lowe’s, Costco trip was a success, also. I swear you get more done in a weekend than I do in a whole week! I will be in Vancouver B.C. this Thursday-Sunday
    so will see you on Monday, April 29, for afternoon & dinner festivities! I’m thinking you’re going to PR Eugene!
    Rock it, Girl! See you soon!

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