Moving Weekend #1

This weekend we moved all of Ryan’s stuff into our new apartment. (My stuff is this weekend) The whole weekend was spent organizing, painting, and Ryan building IKEA furniture.

By the end of building all the furniture Ryan could hardly feel his hands… 


While he was building I was painting. And painting and painting. Our goal is to paint each of the main rooms.
imageOh, and it was Cinco de Mayo so I used our new crock pot and made chicken burritos/tacos. Sooo good. And I didn’t burn anything and it all tasted good!


I get to run and go to Pure Barre this week which is very exciting. I can’t believe I ran Eugene a week ago! Woah.



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8 responses to “Moving Weekend #1

  1. Annie

    Looking Good! Love Annie

  2. I love painting! I can’t wait until all of our renovations are done so we can do all the decorating stuff we want to do (like painting). Your apartment looks cute, you should post before and afters when you’re all done moving in and decorating

    • Oh that’s a great idea. I’ll try and remember! I just looked at your blog – you and Scott are getting so much done! Impressive!

  3. pickyrunner

    I LOVE that wall color!!! It’s going to look awesome when it’s all together 🙂

  4. Yay for your new apartment! So exciting! It actually looks just like my old one!

  5. Crissy

    Yay Catie! Can I just tell you the food set up on the coffee table looks as if it could have come right from my house. Except you are neater—and we have been married 11 years! Ha!

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