Team Championships 2013


Yesterday was the Team Championship 5 mile race. It’s one of my favorite races because all of the New York area teams come out and cheer. The men race at 8:30am and then the women at 9:30am.


 It’s a fun time and great for team bonding. The Flyers have a team bagel breakfast after the race too – which is always fun and much needed after a race.


I still need to amp up my training. I’m not doing so hot with the marathon training. I’m going to try to run tomorrow morning before work. I’m not having enough time after work.



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3 responses to “Team Championships 2013

  1. Nice job with the race! I seem to be dealing with an injury now, so marathon training is about to be put on hold 😦 not too happy.

  2. Nice job getting out there! You’ll get into your marathon training, I just know it. Are you running NYC?

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