My training consists of running races…

The past two weekends I’ve run races and haven’t done a true long run. Not good. I’m pacing a long run this coming weekend – 16 miles. The last time I ran 16 miles was during the Eugene Marathon. Oops.

On Saturday I raced in a 5k on Roosevelt Island. It was a beautiful morning and the course was flat. The only downside – the last mile you were the sun was beating down on you and there was no shade. I’m not good in the sun. It slowed me waaaay down.

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 10.33.44 AM

This race was the Laurie Harris 5k which was put on my my team – The New York Flyers. The race raised $12,000 towards cancer research. Pretty awesome, right?!


It was the perfect way to start the weekend. And I even got some sun! I’m actually a little tan.




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2 responses to “My training consists of running races…

  1. Well, looks like your training is going just slightly better than mine then. haha. I am on day 9 of zero running and it’s killing me. I’m also still in pain when I walk, so i don’t think running will be happening any time soon….NYC is going to be interesting, but after last year, I will do it if I have to walk the whole thing!!

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