A little bit of this – a little bit of that

This morning I ran 8 1/2 miles with a fellow New York Flyer and it was just perfect.  The weather was perfect, I wasn’t tired and my legs never once yelled at me to stop. All of this before 7:15am. Love it.

Ashton Kutcher went up in cool points with the speech below. He also made me want to read more about Steve Jobs.

I really want to take cross-country road trip.

It feels a little bit like fall here in New York today and I’m so happy. I’m hoping this beautiful – non-humid weathers stays around.

This Wednesday is looking pretty good 🙂



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5 responses to “A little bit of this – a little bit of that

  1. Sarah

    I absolutely love what Ashton Kutcher said at the teen choice awards! I just wished those little girls would have stopped screaming and actually listened…
    I’ve been talking about a road trip with Gabe lately. I really want to start in N. Carolina and make my way South then West all the way to Texas. I don’t know if it’ll ever happen but it’s fun to think about and plan!

  2. Annie

    Did you get a dress?

  3. You should road trip to Denver!! 😉
    That run sounds awesome….I am still on full rest and pretty much going crazy! It’s still crazy hot here, can’t wait for the fall weather!

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