Weekend Fun

This past weekend was SO MUCH FUN. Friday we went to dinner to try out a restaurant in our new “hood”. On Saturday we had a picnic in Central Park and took a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  AND I got a long run in on Sunday. I’m still pretty amazed.


Ryan even surprised me with a picnic basket! Love it!


The MET is one of my favorite places in New York. You can never see all of it and there’s so many cool rooms to explore. And they always have awesome new exhibits rotating through.



If you ever go to the MET go to the roof! The views are amazing and they have a bar 🙂


Ryan and I aren’t the biggest fans of modern art… See below…

My long run on Sunday was a 16 mile long training run. The New York Flyers are the official pacers of the NYRR Long Training Run for the New York City Marathon. This is one of my favorite Flyers events.


You complete a long run and meet some pretty cool people. Running is always fun when you get to talk to people. The miles just fly by. I’m getting very excited for the marathon!



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3 responses to “Weekend Fun

  1. artificiallybalanced

    What a fun weekend! 🙂 I saw so many people training yesterday in the park and looked for you but didn’t see you! Janae is coming out here again in October so I want to plan a meetup!!

  2. What a great weekend! I’m still not running 😦 But, I’m staying positive and trying to get excited for the marathon….even though I am totally unprepared!

  3. Cathy Goddard

    I see your shirt says “Group Leader”. Are you a Pacer for group? What’s you time?

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