Adventures in Baking

So as many of you know, I’m not the best cook. This year I’ve been really trying to amp up my cooking game. Its been going okay. Last night was the perfect example of how I’m not the luckiest person when it comes to the kitchen.
After spending a super fun day with some awesome blogging friends I decided I was going to make dinner AND dessert for me and Ryan. He’s the one usually cooking.
The dinner went smoothly – I made quesadillas. Super easy and good. 
A little back story: When we went pumpkin picking last weekend we stopped at a country farm and picked up some apples and other vegetables. So I decided I was going to make apple crisp this week.
Everything was going really well, measuring, mixing, length of time in the oven… And then I tried to take it out of the oven. Annnnd I dropped it. Right back into the oven. Only some of it fell out, thank goodness! But it just adds to my hesitation when it comes to cooking. Why am I so bad at it?! I know, I know… Practice makes perfect. But still.
Anyway, the recipe I used was REALLY good. Don’t judge it by the my photography skills… Ryan recommends you have it with vanilla ice cream.
Click here for the recipe if you’d like to try it! 


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2 responses to “Adventures in Baking

  1. Cathy Goddard

    Catie – Your Apple Crisp looks ssooooo good!! I printed out your recipe – I must make some tonight or this weekend for sure!! The perfect Fall dessert!! I think you’re a GREAT cook! You’re adventurous – like to try new things – lets do some cooking/baking when you’re home for Christmas – it’s tradition!! Well…..we’ve tried it a couple of times. Remember that one time it started to snow??? We had to quit early. No snow this year!! Keep on cooking!! Have fun!!

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