Looking Back

I can’t believe I’m turning 27 next week! Eeeek! This year flew by! I was looking at my To Do List and though I did not check everything off my list, I’m proud of what I’ve done this year. I also think I was just a little bit over ambitious. Reading 26 books in one year is hard! I got to 20… 
Now I get to think of 27 things for my 27th year To Do List… hmmm… any ideas?

Here’s what I checked off this year:

3) Travel to a state I’ve never been before – COMPLETED! I’m using Kingston, Ontario as my state!

4) Travel outside of the United States – COMPLETED! Costa Rica Trip! 6/2013

5) Have a picnic in Central Park  COMPLETED!

9) Take a cooking/baking class – COMPLETED!

10) Sing one karaoke song… (one of my worst fears!) – COMPLETED! 1/1/2013

13) Go golfing – COMPLETED! 9/27/13

14) Volunteer and donate! – On going through the Junior League

15) Go to a concert – COMPLETED!! Andrew Belle 7/25/13

17) Run the Eugene Marathon – COMPLETED! 4/28/2013

18) Run the New York City MarathonWill be COMPLETED on 11/3/13

20) Host a party – COMPLETED! 12/31/2012

I came close to completing some other items on my list so I’ll probably add those to the my 27th Year To Do List. 🙂
Happy Birthday to my MOM!!! I hope you’re having a great birthday!!!! See you at Christmas!!! XOXO


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2 responses to “Looking Back

  1. Annie

    That is great, and I hope you have a wonderful Birthday. On your next years bucket list put visit Annie on it. I do think having a bad run before the race is good, when your down there is no place to go but up. Annie

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