NYC Marathon Weekend

This past weekend was FULL of marathon festivities. I had so much fun Friday night with Ryan and a bunch of other running nerds. First I stopped by my work’s marathon pasta dinner in hopes of meeting Shalane Flanagan. And I did! I tried to act really cool and be like… Oh you live in Oregon, right? Oh that’s so cool, I’m from there… She was really nice and she too looooves the West Coast. 


Then Ryan and I headed to the Runner’s World magazine party. I went to the party two years ago and knew we had to go again this year.


There are so many awesome people who go to the party and the food is amazing. The sushi might be the best part of the whole party. They also introduced The November Project which looked pretty awesome. One of the founders spoke and he was really funny. More info here.


Saturday we hit up the expo. I always get really weird at expos. I’m not sure if it’s nerves or all of the people but I never stay long.


There were some really cool booths. I always love what Brooks comes up with. Their fitting room was hilarious.


I was also surprised to see some really high-tech running clothes at the expo. I have never seen a light up running jacket, have you??? I’m now kind of sad I didn’t buy it. I could have looked like an astronaut!


I’m going to do a race recap tomorrow!



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7 responses to “NYC Marathon Weekend

  1. Brittany

    My husband bought my the VizIPro jacket in pink for christmas last year–our subdivision doesn’t have any lights and I run after work–his way of keeping my safe. I LOVE it.'sSonicHDXViZiPROJacket/4-110370/catId/cat10002/stockNumber/80906-VPP/skuId/***4******80906-VPP00*XS/subCatId/cat620160/showDefaultOption/true/productdetails

  2. Sarah A.

    I love those pink shoes in the last picture!! Are they Nike Frees?

  3. Love it! Much happier expo experience than we had last year! haha

  4. I love the jacket for night runs! Ugh. so jealous it looks like you had so much fun.


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