NYC Marathon Race Re-Cap

Sunday was a long day. But first I want to say thank you to the New York Road Runners and the City of New York for putting on a great race! The crowds were amazing and I always felt safe. I also LOVED the bracelet I was given at the expo for coming back and running this year. I wore it proudly on race day.


So here’s my New York City Marathon Race Recap!!!
Saturday morning I woke up bright and early at 4:30am. Ryan had to drive to the Forest Hills subway stop because the stop by our apartment wasn’t running to Manhattan…Thanks NY Transit…

I was lucky enough to be able to ride on my work’s marathon bus this year. I met up with a really cool girl and blogger named Sarah – aka SkinnyRunner – we hung out had some coffee and breakfast. It was nice to just relax before the race.
imageIt was really reassuring to see lots of police out. We loaded up into the buses around 6:30am and hit the road to Staten Island. We had a police escort! It was really cool!

We arrived at the start around 8am with about 20 minutes to get into our corrals. I said goodbye to Sarah and wished her luck and headed to my green camp – she was in the blue.
It was cool to see the different media outlets all around my “camp”. They had a huge stage with music and announcements, a morning news show and other reporters running around.


I even spotted Bill Rancic. I LOVE him. He was running to raise money.

Once my corral opened I headed inside and tried to keep warm. The wind was not fun.


 What was fun was meeting nice people while waiting. I met two people from France and a German woman. The running community is so friendly and nice!


We waited about 20 minutes and then we were off! The green group ran on the bottom of the bridge while the other two “colors” ran on the top. Because we were underneath the bridge my watch lost its satellite and it never had the correct amount of miles. When we were at mile three it said I had run one mile. After that I changed my Garmin over to the clock and never looked at it. I decided to run on how I felt and not worry about my time.
At mile 14, 17, 18 and 25 I saw my friends. I was SOOO happy and surprised. I knew Ryan and some friends would be at 17 but to have that much support along the course meant the world to me. 


By mile 20 I had hit the wall. And I knew I was the only person to blame. Only running two 16 mile long runs is not enough for a marathon, let alone a hilly, windy one. The last six miles were like a death march for me. My right hip, which has never hurt before was killing me. I had to walk a bit and really find motivation to keep going. This race was the hardest race I have ever run.


Though it was a hard race, I have to say the crowds were amazing. They really lifted you up and made you want to keep on going. There was no way I was going to give up! I was so happy to finish. Even if it was my slowest marathon time yet. 


I’m so happy to add this medal to my collect. It was worth the wait!


I do have to mention one thing. If you do plan to run the NYC Marathon really try to choose early exit. Even though I used the early exit I still had to walk about two miles back to my work to meet up with Ryan. The runners who chose the baggage option had to walk even farther. It took me an hour and a half to get back to my work. (we exited at West 77th and I had to go to 58th and 7th) It was the most miserable experience and I am sad to say kind of ruined the NYC Marathon experience for me. The last thing you want to do after you run a marathon is deal with large crowds, no bathrooms and a two mile walk.
I’ll admit it. I cried a little bit…



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14 responses to “NYC Marathon Race Re-Cap

  1. Crissy

    Catie! I am so happy and proud of you! You look absolutely amazing in all the photos. Next time I am in the city bagel and froyo are on me, got it? Congratulations.

    • Thank you Crissy! I’d love a froyo date!!! Are you running any upcoming races in the city???

      • Crissy

        Hi Catie! I haven’t signed up for anything just yet. I’m looking over the calendar. I will enter the lottery to try for the NYC half in March. I’ll keep ya posted!

  2. artificiallybalanced

    Congratulations Catie!!!!!!!! The waiting around in the beginning and the long walk after are what I’m dreading most next year, but I guess I will go into it prepared for that!

  3. Congrats on finished the marathon! Even if you hit a wall, you should still be proud of an amazing accomplishment! If I ever decide to run marathons (instead of just halves), this is on my bucket list!

  4. Cathy Goddard

    Congratulations, Catie!! I knew you could do it – you’ve got that “fierce drive” down to your tip toes – way to go! So sorry about your hip hurting – that makes it that much harder. Hope you’re feeling all better now. Are you going to run NY again next year?

  5. Great job! I think i’m more jealous you met skinny runner then Bill Ranceic lol. Your pictures are great! I had that same problem when I ran my first marathon (which is noting like this race) great advice! Im hoping to get in next year fingers crossed!


  6. So proud of you for finishing after hitting the wall that hard. You did awesome! Cheering is definitely fun- Joe and I use to do it every year 🙂

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