How I Recover

You know you’re a runner when it’s the day after the marathon and you see other people running and you want to join them… Even though you’re super sore and you can hardly walk up and down stairs.
Though the New York City Marathon was a tough one for me I cannot wait to get back out there. Yesterday I signed up for another half marathon so now I have three races to look forward to in 2014. Two half marathons in Central Park and the Big Sur marathon in April.
In order to get back  out there and train, right now I need to focus on recovery. I’ve been wearing my awesome compression socks and shorts every night when I get home from work and I sleep in them too. I truly believe they help. I wear the cw-x Women’s Pro Shorts. Click here for the link! They are worth the money!
I’m also downing water like it’s my job. That last thing I want to be is dehydrated. Drinking a lot of water also gets me walking – to the bathroom – so it helps my muscles too. In addition to drinking water Ryan and I have made an effort to really eat some healthy dinners. Last night we made steak, baked potatoes and spinach. My iron levels can get low so the steak and spinach really helps after a hard race. I also take one iron pill after dinner nightly.
The last thing for a good recovery is to stretch! It may hurt but it really does help. I stretch before bed so I can fall asleep easier. It helps with sore muscles.
What is your recovery plan after a race?
Oh ps! Today’s my birthday! I’m getting my haircut (should I get bangs???) and going out to dinner with Ryan!!! I can’t wait! 🙂


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8 responses to “How I Recover

  1. Anna

    happy Birthday! Thanks for the tips, I’ve only just started running but it’s nice to have information mentally stored for when I need it!

  2. Oh man! I’m so jealous of your future races! My boyfriend’s sister lives in NY and ran a half with their mother a few years back. It sounded amazing!

    My recovery plan sounds similar to yours. Ice, stretch (a lot), walk around a bit, and drink water like it’s my job.

  3. Happy Birthday! I always want bangs and never get them, which for me is probably a good things. Where are you going to eat (I’m a fellow New Yorker)?

    I just entered the lottery for the NY Half, are you running it?

    And I down water too. I could my trips to the bathroom as walking time!

    • I entered the NY Half lottery too! I’m hoping I get in! I tried two years ago and didn’t…
      We’re going to Tommy Lasagna tonight! It’s on the lower east side. I took a cooking class there awhile back and love it there!

    keep on recovering and have fun tonight! I think you would look cute with bangs!

  5. Annie

    Happy Birthday! And I like bangs, they are very in right now!

  6. Cathy Goddard

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!!! I think bangs make women look younger – I like them. You would look great w/bangs. (I’m not saying you need to look younger!! Haha!!).
    I dropped your card at the post ofc this morning on my way to work this morning – sorry it’s late, but know that you have something on it’s way to you. And it has scotch tape on the envelope seal – you know what THAT means!! (Our secret file tradition!!). Hope you enjoyed a memorable day & evening!! Love you, Aunt Cat

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