Time Flies

The saying time flies when you’re having fun is so true.
This week is Ryan’s and my six year anniversary of dating! Though we’ve been super busy with work, we were able to have a nice dinner last night to celebrate and we’re going to go out for dinner on Saturday.

Ryan surprised me with delicious Indian food and Insomnia Cookies (healthy eating was forgotten last night!). 


Here’s our first ever picture together at Marist. We look so young!!!


I still haven’t run since the NYC Marathon… I should probably start up again… oops! I am going to Pure Barre though which I’m totally addicted to again 🙂 If there isn’t a studio near you and recommend buying one of the videos. They’re awesome!



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6 responses to “Time Flies

  1. OMG so cute! Happy anniversary to the adorable couple! It’s weird to think back to when you first started dating! My boyfriend and my 5th year will be in January. We were just laughing last night because we reenacted the end of our first date- insert AWKWARD hug goodbye…

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! You two do look very young in that pic, but you are still young!

  3. artificiallybalanced

    Awww happy anniversary!!! 🙂 I still need to try Insomnia Cookies!

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