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I’m too old for this stuff

Atlantic City…. I think I’m too old for that place. Or at least where we stayed? and the club we went to? I’m not sure. 
I loved seeing all my friends and the dinner we went to beforehand was awesome! Great little reunion. And we were able to celebrate our friend’s recent engagement 🙂

Oh, and I did get my nine miles in. I woke up nice and early on Saturday, 6:25am, to be exact, and hit the park. I had a great run and I didn’t feel tired or sore afterwards.  Sleeping on the bus to AC probably helped too.

This week’s training… hmmm… I ran 3 miles on Tuesday… My goal for tonight is to run 5 or more miles, 3 miles on Friday and then I’m running the Boomer’s Run to Breathe race (6.2 miles) on Saturday.
Oh, and then right after the race I have to head straight to Penn Station and go to New Jersey. Ryan and I are going to the beach. Remember that Summer Goals List I made??? yeah… Not doing so great on that list.

I’m tired looking at my week/weekend….



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Tips from Meb

Reading Meb Keflezighi’s book Run to Overcome is like taking a breath of fresh air. He is so positive and so in love with the sport of running that you as the reader love running even more. He is a pretty amazing guy, with a fascinating story. I recommend reading his book, even if you’re not a runner. (After reading his book you might want to be)

After each chapter he gives tips on how to be a better runner.
Here are some of my latest favorites:

Hope you all have a great weekend!
My Friday night will consist of running nine miles, packing, laundry and then an early morning bus ride to Atlantic City on Saturday 🙂 Sleep is for wimps, right???

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Wish me luck

This past weekend was fun and exhausting. 
Ryan and I headed to New Jersey on Friday and stayed through until Sunday. His parents and neighbors throw a huge Fourth of July party each year. This past weekend was the weekend for the celebration.
The major accomplishment I’m proud of during my time in New Jersey was getting up early and going to the gym to run the eight miles on my training log. I wasn’t feeling up to it, but I made myself go and it was one of the best runs I’ve had in a long time. Running on the treadmill can be so awful and boring but this time around it was a breeze. I watched some bad reality TV and I just ticked the miles off one by one.
After the gym it was party time. Me being such a great blogger I am, took no photographs of the party… oops.

This week’s goal: Get in all my training runs. Should be pretty easy right? Except for the fact that I’m going to Atlantic City on Saturday… Wish me luck! In running… not gambling… (Wish Ryan luck in gambling)


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This week I have had no time to blog. Atlantic City kicked my butt and work has been crazy. (Do I feel a cold coming on??? I hope not!) This also means I only ran once, the race on Tuesday, and that’s it. Oh well, there’s always next week and come June, Marathon Training will be in full effect. 

My neat and organized desk at work… I’m so happy it’s Friday!

Ryan surprised me and came to Yonkers last night. We had planned to work out but this is what we did instead…

Even Lexi wanted in on our ice cream sundaes. They were that good.

Sunday Ryan and I going rock climbing in New Jersey! I can’t wait!!! I really hope the weather is nice.

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AHA Start! Wall Street 3 Mile Run

This is the fastest I’ve ever run in my life.

3 miles. 22 minutes = 7:20 pace!!!! Whaatttttt!??! I was 11th in my age group 🙂

ME! The girl who hated running ONE MILE! Someone pinch me!

The race wasn’t as organized as other NYRR races but we still had a blast. The rain held off and the five us (out of the seven who signed up) ran our butts off!

One of my friends took some pictures of us pre and post race so I’ll post them once I get them.  Above is the only picture I took. I wanted to capture the chaos before the race began.

Ryan made me a wonderful post race dinner of tortellini and homemade garlic bread. It was delicious!

I’m exhausted from the past weekend, work, and the race… I’m probably not going to run tonight…

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I Think We’re Too Old For This Stuff…

Atlantic City was so much fun!!! But I’m really feeling our late night today… Going to bed at 5am is not something my body can do. College is long gone and this past weekend I realized this. Also, a lot of people we met were 21… When they would ask how old I was (24) they would be like, WOAH. You don’t look that old…  Thank you for making me feel old!!

PS – My friend Jackie won $3,000 on a slot machine while we were there too!!! It was so funny because she sat down just to waste time before dinner and for a photo-op! We were so excited!

I did run with my Jackie Saturday morning before we left for Atlantic City! Aren’t you proud!? I ran in my new shoes and loved them!!! We ran 3.64 miles around her neighborhood. I really do love suburban life 🙂

I’m definitely NOT running today. Must rest. Tomorrow a bunch of my friends and I are running in the AHA Wall Street 3 mile run. It’s suppose to rain… of course! But I’m crossing my fingers the weather people are wrong!

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Girls Weekend

It’s the WEEKEND!!! 

I’m very excited because this weekend I’ll be having lots of fun with some of my closest friends. We’ve decided to have a girls weekend and are going to Atlantic City. Much fun will be had and millions of photos will be taken. I can’t wait!

I’ve planned to run with one of my friends, Jackie, but it looks like it’s suppose to rain… Maybe we’ll just have to use the gym at the hotel. I’m hoping to get some miles in, but if not, oh well. Having fun with friends will take precedent over running this weekend 🙂

I hope you all have a lovely weekend too!!!

Oh and Happy Birthday Weekend to Kristen, my Running Buddy in Nashville! Her birthday was yesterday and I know she’s doing something super fun this weekend!!!


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