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He is just saving his for later

My weekend was full of fun! Friday night Ryan and I went to a theme party! The theme was The Great Gatsby. We didn’t know how dressed up people got so we played it safe. Well… we were with the small group of people who didn’t dress up like crazy!

The photo below – from when I was a flapper for Halloween is what most of the attendees were looked like. Minus the leggings… It was a great time and I can’t wait to go to more of these types of events!

Saturday was a lazy day with an early bedtime. I had to get ready for the Staten Island half! I had no idea so many people were going to be running it! The weather was perfect – 50 degrees at the start and the rain held off!

I ran this race as a training run since I was sick and hadn’t gotten a long run in for two weeks. I hardly looked at my Garmin while running and just ran on how I felt. The last three miles I kicked it into gear and actually beat my half marathon pr time! I ran this half in 1:41:31. A 23 second PR! And I didn’t really push it until mile 10 – I still can’t believe it!

One thing I loved about the race was the transportation to the start. To get there we had to take the Staten Island Ferry. The views were so pretty of the City!

I couldn’t help myself – I had to take a picture of this guy… We all got a bagel after the race. He is just saving his for later I guess.

Hope you all had a great weekend! 


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Team Championships

What a fun/miserable morning!
The camaraderie of the different teams competing was great! The weather. Was NOT. It was really hot and humid. The men ran at 8am and then the women’s race began at 9am. Meaning it was hotter for us. About 86 degrees…

I watched the men’s race and was at the finish line cheering. Because of the weather conditions many of the guys did not look good at the finish line and it scared me a little. I did not want to end up in the medical tent. I decided then and there that I would run a smart race – not necessarily the fastest race.

The race began right on time and I stayed around a 7:30 pace. The whole race I stayed around that pace and felt pretty comfortable. I hardly looked at my Gamin watch – I just went with what was comfortable and how I felt. If I felt like I could push it – I did. If not I held back. I definitely used the downhill sections to my advantage, though. That’s for sure. The last mile was tough since we were completely in the sun. My official time was 37:10 – a 7:26 pace.

I’m REALLY happy with my time. I was the fourth of the women flyers across the finish line and 45th in my age group.

After the races the Flyers had a fun bagel picnic. Everyone was super nice and the bagels weren’t bad either 😉


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Staying Positive

This week. I am so happy it’s almost over. Work has been crazy and way too stressful. All of this craziness will end when the Olympics end. So that’s on August 12th… Just nine more days. THANK GOD.
I do want to stay positive though so here are so things that have brightened my week:

1) Tuesday night I went out to dinner with the girls I lived with in college. It was great to see them and catch up on their lives.

2) Wednesday night Ryan came over and we made the best dinner. Pork chops, sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts.

3) After an extremely long and stressful Thursday I made myself go run outside. I ran on the Bridle Path in Central Park and my bad mood just slipped away.

4) I also picked up my race bib yesterday for the Team Championship race on Saturday. I’m excited/nervous! Oh and there’s a huge bagel breakfast afterwards! YES!

5) I was nominated by Elisha over at jumpeatrun for the Beautiful Blogger Award!!! Thank you so much!!!

So, even though my work week totally sucked. My after-work life didn’t. If that makes sense 🙂 I always try to stay positive and look for the good. If people didn’t they would be pretty miserable all the time, right?!

Check back later for my full Beautiful Blogger Award post 🙂 You’ll find out some interesting/fun stuff about me!


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Come hangout!

I’m feeling pretty good today! Last night I ran two miles (keeping my legs ready for the race) and this morning I hit the elliptical for an easy 35 minute workout.

However – The weather for Saturday is not looking good. WINTRY MIX… That does not sound fun to run a race in.

You know what does sound fun???

Breakfast after the race! My friend Ashley and I have decided to meet at Pick-A-Bagel on 75th and 2nd (east side) at 11am after the race if anyone wants to join. If you’ve just run or just rolled out of bed, come hangout with us! The bagels are amazing. I promise! 🙂


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