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I’m a Winner

*** For some reason this post never actually posted on my blog… I’m so confused! Here is the post that was meant for Saturday morning! ***

So, like I said yesterday I was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award!!!

With winning there are rules. 

1. Post the Beautiful Blogger Award

2. Thank the person who nominated you – Thank you Elisha!!!!!

3. Tell seven things about yourself

4. Nominate 7 other bloggers and comment on their page to let them know (I only could do three…)

Seven facts about ME:

1) I went to a full immersion french school from pre-school to third grade. We only had 30 minutes of English a day.
2) I lived abroad in London for four months my junior year of college.
3) I danced from pre-school up until college.
4) I love libraries. Whenever I go some place new and I see a library I want to go inside and check it out…(Ryan thinks it’s pretty cool)
5) My favorite place in the whole wide world is my parent’s house in Oregon – on the couch watching Gilmore Girls and eating gelato with them.
6) When I was little my grandma and I bought best friend necklaces and wore them everywhere together. We were (and still are) the coolest.
7) If I could own one more dog and one more cat I would love it. For some reason I think Lexi (cat) and Bailey (dog) need friends to hangout with. (Don’t worry Dad and Ryan, it’s not happening anytime soon!)

My blogger picks!!! I don’t read that many blogs so here are my TOP 3!

1) HungryRunnerGirl
2) HowdyFromNewYork
3) CisforCourtney


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Staying Positive

This week. I am so happy it’s almost over. Work has been crazy and way too stressful. All of this craziness will end when the Olympics end. So that’s on August 12th… Just nine more days. THANK GOD.
I do want to stay positive though so here are so things that have brightened my week:

1) Tuesday night I went out to dinner with the girls I lived with in college. It was great to see them and catch up on their lives.

2) Wednesday night Ryan came over and we made the best dinner. Pork chops, sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts.

3) After an extremely long and stressful Thursday I made myself go run outside. I ran on the Bridle Path in Central Park and my bad mood just slipped away.

4) I also picked up my race bib yesterday for the Team Championship race on Saturday. I’m excited/nervous! Oh and there’s a huge bagel breakfast afterwards! YES!

5) I was nominated by Elisha over at jumpeatrun for the Beautiful Blogger Award!!! Thank you so much!!!

So, even though my work week totally sucked. My after-work life didn’t. If that makes sense 🙂 I always try to stay positive and look for the good. If people didn’t they would be pretty miserable all the time, right?!

Check back later for my full Beautiful Blogger Award post 🙂 You’ll find out some interesting/fun stuff about me!


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