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Another GREAT workout in the books last night! And I came up with it myself! 5 mins, no incline; 5 mins, 1% incline; 5 minsn 2% incline; 5 minsn 1% incline; the rest of the 3 miles (about 800 meters) no incline. Total time: 26:35

Changing the incline every 5 minutes helped to keep me focused and not get bored. It was also pretty difficult and I know it will help me concur the hills in Central Park during the Manhattan Half as well as when I run the Red Rock Half Marathon in March. If you get bored on the treadmill easily try changing the incline! I’m telling you – the time passes quickly when working in 5 minute increments and your body gets an awesome workout!

PS – Seven more days until I’m home for Christmas!!!!!

How cute is my white sparkly BicBand!?


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Look at that Bad Boy

I’m telling you. Panini’s and soup are the BEST fall/winter dinner.

I mean. Look at that bad boy… YUM.

Grilled to perfection. And the tomato soup. Super easy. There are like four ingredients! This is the blog I got the recipe from. She’s awesome and she lives in New York!

Tonight I’m going to my first ever Total Body Conditioning class with my friend Jackie! I’m pretty excited but nervous. My arms are not very strong at all and I’ve never really gone to a class with weights… I’m prepared to be sore tomorrow!

Remember how I talked about loving BIC Bands??? Well, SkinnyRunner is having a giveaway!!! Click here to enter!


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Two Things I love.

Chocolate milk with glutamine! This drink helps with muscle recovery and tastes pretty darn good. It was perfect after my four miler yesterday. At each mile I increased my speed and got down to 8:34 and the last mile I put the treadmill on a 1.0% incline. It was a tough workout!

BIC Bands. Heard about them from this girl. And now I’m in LOVE with them. AND with every purchase money goes to charity. They’re super cute and don’t slip! They have every size, color, design you can think of. I even where them to work sometimes. LOVE THEM


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