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Two Things

Two things – 
My cat will not sleep at night. This whole week I’ve been woken up countless times and today I’m really feeling it. That and I was up at 5:40am for a 6 1/2 mile run with my friend from the Flyers. Both combined means I’ll be drinking lots and lots of coffee today.
I tried playing with her last night before bed to get her tired… Didn’t work. I guess she needs more play time?
What I’m reading:
photoI started this book last night. I’m only about 20 pages in so I don’t know yet if I like it or not. But I do like how he writes. Just free flowing thoughts – like he’s in conversation with you. I thought this would be a good pick since I’m one month away from the Eugene Marathon. (!!!!!)

Volunteering tonight, Pure Barre tomorrow, run Friday morning than partying it up this weekend. (more about this weekend later)





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Who Knew!

I have now almost reached two weeks of not running. I don’t know how this happened! Okay… I kinda do… The Red Rock Half Marathon kicked my butt (literally) and then I was introduced to The Hunger Games. For the past two weeks I’ve been reading them like crazy and I am now on book three. They’re really good! Not intellectual – good – but get out of the world you’re living in – totally get lost in a book good. I love when books take you away like that.

However – I do need to keep up my fitness level! (Half marathon on April 28th!!!)

So. In order to get myself back in the gym I signed myself up for a spinning class tomorrow night. I’m on puppy duty tonight so I’m unsure if I’ll get a run in or not. My little two week vacation from running was kind of nice. When you’re not working out everyday you have a lot of free time! Who knew!?

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Did you know that Christmas is super close???

Last night: Ran 5 miles, 8:34 pace – 43 mins

This past weekend was a blur. I had no time to run but I did get a lot of friend time in. Which was awesome!

Sarah and her boyfriend Gabe (who live in Oregon) had a 12 hour layover in NYC after vacationing in the Dominican Republic… So  Ryan and I had to show them a good time! Our first stop: SUSHI. Of course!

We then went to a bar nearby and met up with some of our other friends from college. It was so much fun! I’m pretty sure everyone had a great time and I was sad to see them leave.

Saturday night we celebrated Jenna and Jackie’s birthdays!

I loved seeing everyone and catching up 🙂 We were only missing one of our roommates from senior year – Kristen! You were missed!

Happy Birthday Jackie and Jenna!

Did you know that Christmas is super close??? I’ve hardly done any Christmas shopping! I’m planning to go once I’m home in Oregon since there’s no sales tax and I won’t have to lug a huge suitcase… It still stresses me out though. I’ll be running around the mall with only a few days before the big day! 

How awesome is this Christmas tree??? Sarah sent this to me and I think my family should do this next year! We have TONS and TONS of books! 

Does everyone have their Christmas shopping done??? – not at all!!

Do you have a real or fake Christmas tree??? – Fake in New York, real in Oregon.


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No sleep for the marathon bound

I didn’t run last night. Or this morning. Yesterday I was just too tired. Also, all this excitement surrounding the marathon has left me all antsy. And when I want to sleep I can’t! My brain won’t turn off. So last night’s sleep… I don’t even know if I slept at all. So that meant no 5:45am run. No way.

I’ve been trying to read for about an hour before bed to calm my excitement and get a little sleepy. It works but once the lights are off my brain does not want to go to sleep. I’m hoping from the lack of sleep last night and a run tonight I’ll be able to sleep. That would be nice.

I’m so tired… and my hair is kind of greasy…

I just want to take a nap… but I need to run

Portland here I come!!!!

“Running a marathon is like living life. It’s a long distance and a long journey. And you’ve got a lot of different things that can happen along the journey.” Clive Davies

PS- It totally feels like fall today!!!! My walk to work this morning was just perfect!! I see a pumpkin spiced latte in the very near future 🙂

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Busy Weekend

This weekend flew by. 

We didn’t end up going to New Jersey and were able to enjoy the city and the nice weather. Saturday I joined the running group at The Running Company for a 5 1/2 mile run through Central Park and later hung out with Ryan and Bailey the puppy. The run was kind of difficult for me. It was the mix of the humid weather and my tired legs from the week before. I felt like I was running so slow.

Saturday night was really fun with pizza eating, Oregon football watching, going to the dog park, napping and hanging out with friends from college. We stayed up well past my bedtime and I spent Sunday lounging around reading The Help. I wanted to run but in the end reading won.

It was a great football weekend! The Ducks won and so did the Jets. Bailey was the best fan though, in her little jersey!

Tonight I’m going to go to my first speed session with The Running Company. I’ve heard it’s pretty hard so I’m kind of nervous! I’ll give you all a full report tomorrow.

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Stomach, Reading, Winner

The past two days I’ve felt a little off… My stomach has not been feeling too great so I haven’t run since Saturday. Which is okay, since my body does need time to recover. I’m hoping to feel better by tonight since I have my running group. I really want to run tonight. So everyone cross their fingers that I’m all better and not really sick. 

I just started The Help. Super good. Love it. Even though we just got cable and internet installed I haven’t been using either. I just read. I know I’m probably the last person to read The Help, but if you haven’t, go buy it!

A bowl of peaches makes for a wonderful reading snack.

And now… For what you all have been waiting for!!!! 

The Giveaway winner is….

Sarah!!!! picked you as the winner!! Hooray! Congrats! E-mail me  your address 🙂

– Has anyone else read The Help??? Did you like it??

– What’s your workout tonight??

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