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The Soup… Not So Much…

This week has flown by. I guess that’s what happens when you have a three day weekend and something planned every day.
Tuesday I went to Pure Barre, Wednesday I ran 6.5 miles with my friend Nicole in the morning and then Ryan came over after work to try my soup and pear cake. The cake was a hit – the soup, not so much…
(I probably won’t make it again)
We also watched The Town. I thought it was good. I was impressed by Blake Lively’s acting – not so impressed by Ben Affleck trying to have a Boston accent…

Tonight is a Pure Barre night and then I’m going for a run in the morning again with Nicole. I’m loving these early morning Central Park runs 🙂

Anyone else a morning workout person??? I used to hate it!


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That Was a Long Break, huh?

So that was a long break from blogging, huh?!
It’s funny how when life gets really busy/fun/crazy/etc you don’t have time for other things – like blogging. When there is interesting and cool stuff to tell people about you don’t have time to tell them. 

That’s what happened to me.

I’m going to try to make more of an effort to blog more often. Once or twice a week, maybe. (hopefully)

I’ve just started my training for the Eugene Marathon. It’s going… not that well but it’s going…

I’m still in love with Pure Barre. It may or may not be interfering with my marathon training…

Oh, and in June I’m going to Costa Rica. That’s pretty awesome, huh?


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Today is my Friday! So do we say TGIW? Instead of TGIF?

The past two weeks have been so busy that I haven’t had time to get on here and write.

I’ve begun running again and kept up my Pure Barre addiction. Work has been crazy busy – December issue of the magazine is now complete! yes! And Thanksgiving is TOMORROW.

One of my goals on my 26 List To Do is to try 26 new recipes. Tonight Ryan and I will be making this bad boy.

I’m pretty these bars will be a hit at Thanksgiving…

In other news – If you’re like me and like to do something extra during the holiday season and help people who are less fortunate, New York Cares has a program called Winter Wishes. 
Here’s some info about the program:

Click here for more information and to sign up! I think the deadline is tomorrow…

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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Staying Positive

This week. I am so happy it’s almost over. Work has been crazy and way too stressful. All of this craziness will end when the Olympics end. So that’s on August 12th… Just nine more days. THANK GOD.
I do want to stay positive though so here are so things that have brightened my week:

1) Tuesday night I went out to dinner with the girls I lived with in college. It was great to see them and catch up on their lives.

2) Wednesday night Ryan came over and we made the best dinner. Pork chops, sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts.

3) After an extremely long and stressful Thursday I made myself go run outside. I ran on the Bridle Path in Central Park and my bad mood just slipped away.

4) I also picked up my race bib yesterday for the Team Championship race on Saturday. I’m excited/nervous! Oh and there’s a huge bagel breakfast afterwards! YES!

5) I was nominated by Elisha over at jumpeatrun for the Beautiful Blogger Award!!! Thank you so much!!!

So, even though my work week totally sucked. My after-work life didn’t. If that makes sense 🙂 I always try to stay positive and look for the good. If people didn’t they would be pretty miserable all the time, right?!

Check back later for my full Beautiful Blogger Award post 🙂 You’ll find out some interesting/fun stuff about me!


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I’m a cooking machine.

This week I felt as though I had great balance. I ran, hung out with Ryan and actually went grocery shopping and cooked. I made a conscious effort to spend time with Ryan this week since next week is the beginning of NYC Marathon training. AND he is moving home to New Jersey at the end of July so we won’t be seeing each other as much. July thru October will probably be difficult but I know we’ll be okay.

Anyways – Back to this week!
I did not volunteer on Monday and I didn’t go to the Flyers Speedwork. Instead I ran both nights on my own and made time to see Ryan. I think it was a win-win since I still got my running in.

Last night was when I really felt as though I got this whole “balance” thing down. After work the last thing I wanted to do was run… But I sucked it up and got down to business. I picked up some food for Lexi (cat), hit the gym (4 miles) and then went straight to the grocery store. During the day I had read up on saving money on meals by buying in bulk and freezing already made meals. I know this isn’t a new thing – but for me it was life changing!(<— over-exaggerating) I bought a five pound bag of potatoes, a big thing of chicken breasts, two sweet potatoes, two marinades, sour cream, and shredded cheese for only $26! In New York that’s amazing! 
Once I got home I got to work. I made twice baked potatoes and marinated chicken two ways – honey bbq and teriyaki. 
Total it took about 2 hours with clean up but now I have a bunch of meals. No more pasta for every meal!

I’m really proud of myself since I’m not the best cook and I know this is going to help when training really gets tough and I’m exhausted. I’m going to make it a goal to do this at least once a once from now on. It saves money, I’ll eat healthier and I’ll actually have a little variety in what I’m eating! 


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Eeekk! Tomorrow = Vegas!!!!

Last night after work I headed over to Ryan’s place. He made me a delicious good luck on your race dinner! And Bailey the puppy gave me lots of good luck kisses – aka slobbery licks.

That huge white blob is a baked potato… So good… And of course the chicken and veggies were tasty too 🙂

Then I headed home for much-needed sleep.

The worst is waiting for a subway car that never comes…

 This week I’ve been pretty tired. I think it’s my nerves. I always get antsy before a trip let alone a race. Put that together and I’m excited/nervous/antsy all the time! Tonight I’m going to do a little baby run (3 miles) to keep my legs race-ready and finish packing. Then early to bed!

Eeekk! Tomorrow = Vegas!!!!


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Good Morning! Happy Monday! Can you believe this is the last week in October??? I feel like just a week ago I was nervously waiting to run the Portland Marathon! Now it’s been almost a month! Time flies..

This morning I hit the gym for a 3 mile run. I rocked one of my Portland Marathon shirts and felt pretty cool. The sleeves are a little long so I just tucked them into my sports bar and made a tank top. Though I was feeling pretty cool wearing (total nerd) my marathon shirt I totally forgot my i-pod so I couldn’t watch tv or listen to music… Total FAIL. But you know what? It wasn’t that bad… I just ran and thought about my busy schedule for this week.

What’s everyone being for Halloween??? I bought my costume last week. I’m going to be a lady bug. It was the least slutty costume at the store… My wings even light up!

Tomorrow we’re taking Bailey to her first day of doggie day care… For some reason I’m nervous!!! It’s like her first day of school or something. They have a video camera so Ryan and I can see her playing with the other dogs while we’re at work. So cool! 

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Cleaning Sunday

I didn’t leave my apartment all day. It was so beautiful outside and I wanted to go outside and enjoy the fall weather but I just kept cleaning and being productive. And then it started raining and then it got dark outside… So today I stayed inside. All day…

When I get the “cleaning bug” I get to work because it doesn’t hit that often.

My suitcase is all packed and I picked out what I’m going to wear on the plane to Oregon 🙂 

Of course it’s my Portland Marathon Training shirt! What else would I wear?!

After a long day of cleaning and packing I treated myself to a pedicure. I picked a glittery gold color for the marathon. Can you call gold a power color???

No running today. Three miles tomorrow morning!

I can’t believe the marathon is a week away!!! I’ve been training almost a year for this. Totally crazy.  And totally exciting! Ahhhhh!!!


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Bowling, Race, Relaxation

It was a busy, busy weekend!

Friday night we headed to Lucky Strike for some bowling.

We had so much fun and I really want to go back there again! How cool is that lamp?!

Everything about the place was cool. Atmosphere, music… I ordered an appetizer and it was really good, so I assume the dinner menu is good too.

We went with our friends from college, Amanda and Marc. I’m pretty sure they had a great time too. 

Saturday Ryan and I just relaxed and played with Bailey. We went out to dinner at an Italian place by his apartment which was excellent. I really wanted good pasta before my 18 mile race and this place did just that. I was too busy eating to take any pictures…

Sunday morning came very fast and I was up at 5am. Eating toast and ready to go. For this race I tried out my Portland Marathon outfit – with rain gear if needed.

I look pretty dorky in this picture… I also used gels/GU in this race and I must say. They worked a lot better! The race went really well. I tried to keep my pace around 9:30 in the beginning and gradually sped up. I stopped at almost all the water stations and had three gels. The race was three of the 6 mile loops. That means I ran the Harlem Hill, or what I call DEATH MOUNTAIN three times!!! Three times!!!

My overall time was 2:44:02 – pace of 9:07!! I’m very happy with that!

This morning I hit the gym for my recovery session – 35 minutes on the elliptical and lots of stretching. My legs are feeling pretty good compared to the other long runs I’ve done in the past.




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Oregon Friends Visit!


This weekend was crazy busy and I’m tired! My two friends from Oregon, Tracy and Tom came to New York to visit and we all had a blast!

Friday night a bunch of us went out to sushi – my fav – and then went out afterwards. The food is amazing. If you’re ever in NYC go to KUMO on the lower east side.

We ate and drank and were very merry. It was great to merge my Oregon life with my New York life. It rarely happens.

It was tough to get up and out of bed on Saturday but we did and went to the Dave Matthews Concert on Randall’s Island.

It was really fun, but standing on concrete for three hours is not so fun… I’m glad I went but prefer indoor concerts with seats 🙂

Sunday night Tracy, Tom and I went out to dinner and then went to 16 Handles for dessert. – Of course they loved it!

I ran Friday morning… I was planning on running 20 miles on Sunday but my body was dead from all the fun times. It also could be the change in the weather. It’s definitely feeling like fall! Last day to enter my giveaway!!!


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