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Best Tuesday Ever

Yesterday was the BEST TUESDAY EVER.

First off. I have an awesome boss. I told him a friend of mine was coming into town for only one day and the only time I could see her was from 12pm – 5pm. HE LET ME TAKE A HALF DAY. Amazing.
So from 12pm – 5pm I got to hung out with Janae and she brought along another cool blogger – Anne. I get to hangout with Anne and some other bloggers when their back in town for the marathon. 

The three of us had an amazing time doing fun touristy stuff. I took them to FAO Schwartz, Dylan’s Candy Bar and we then just walked from the Upper East Side into Central Park and rounded out the tour at their hotel. We had a blast just talking and hanging out.
I had to take Janae and Anne to Pick-A-Bagel. My “old stomping grounds” . They have the BEST bagels. Trust me and go there.
I’m telling you, the running blogging community is pretty cool. Everyone I’ve met is so nice! I’m pretty sure it’s because everyone is healthy and happy on endorphins from running.
Janae and I decided that I need to come and visit her in Utah. This is going to happen. I love Janae and everyone says Utah is beautiful. So I need to visit!

PS – Thanks for the photos Janae!!


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The Weekend

This past weekend was full of fun and relaxation. I thought I’d show you through photos…

The rain didn’t stop us from heading out and finding lunch and Starbucks of course.

Ryan was craving falafel so we went to Maoz. Which was soooo good!!

Clean plate club!

Many hours later it was time to make dinner. The book I’m reading has recipes throughout so we picked one. Pasta Carbonara

We also enjoyed wine sent from my parents in Oregon 🙂

Fun Fact about Ryan: When I say WE cooked together I really mean HE did… I’m more like an assistant. Somehow he always takes over the cooking… I’m not complaining, I know the meal will be good!

Dinner is served! Just in time for House Hunters… 

Meeting up with friends!!! Me and my friend Lisa

Sunday was the Boston Terrier Meetup.

Bailey had a ball!

The weather was perfection

A successful weekend must always end with frozen yogurt… and lots of candy on top…

PS – No, I didn’t run… I’m battling a mini sore throat… I think I’m winning


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Working Out, Running and Staying Awake…

Last night I did strength training. (My Dad is the only person that voted… Thanks Dad!) I didn’t do the DVD I just went to the gym and incorporated some of Jillian Michaels moves and did some of the weight machines. I felt good and it was relaxing. I did a bunch of exercises that target my glutes. In no time my little left glute muscle won’t be hurting and I’ll be kicking but on my 20 milers!

Today after work I’m running with a friend from work. Our plan is to run three miles. It’s finally nice and sunny today so I’m excited to run outside. One problem though. I’m super tired. I didn’t go to bed last night until 12:30AM. That’s really late for me. Yes, I’m a grandma…

So in order to keep my energy levels up I’ve already drank a grande iced skim vanilla latte and on my lunch break I went out and bought… Yes, you guessed it! Swedish Fish. Coffee and sugar. I can’t go wrong. I did eat a healthy lunch, so don’t worry (I’m thinking Kristen my Running Buddy, would have something to say about this…)!

Here are some Bailey pictures I took over the weekend. Ryan and I buy her all these toys and she finds a hanger and loves it the most… That’s how it always works, right?

Man, I love my new phone… More pictures for my blog!!!


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Swedish Fish

You guys… I have an addiction…

I’m addicted to Swedish Fish. I love them so much! I went and bought a bag on my lunch break and now I just keep eating them and I can’t stop… They’re just so good! In ten minutes the bag may or may not be empty…


In running news: I have a running date with Ryan. A nice easy run around his apartment complex. It’ll be fun and the weather is nice today. Afterwards we’re heading out for a celebratory beer. We’re celebrating the 5K race before we run it… We know we’ll finish, so why not cheers to it tonight!?

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Happy Friday!!!

Anyone else running the Coogan’s 5K Race???


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But I don’t wanna run 8 miles…

I did it!!! My little legs were tired but they pulled through!

The last hour of my work day was spent dreading my eight miles on the treadmill. That’s a long time on treadmill, you know?! A long time with just me and my thoughts. What was I going to think about the whole time??? At least I had my iPod.

Once I got home I changed into my running gear right away, grabbed a handful of swedish fish (the red ones are my favorite if you were wondering), my water bottle and headed for the gym.

Side Note: When I get home I have to get right to the gym or it’ll never happen. I get too hungry and want dinner!!

The first two miles dragged on, but then I got into a good rhythm and in no time I had just one mile to go. It always feels like the last mile takes about twenty minutes to finish… I always increase my speed but I just can’t seem to get done fast enough. Does this happen to anyone else??? I’m an inpatient person for sure. 🙂

After my run I stretched a bunch which I’m hoping will make it so I wake up tomorrow feeling good with no soreness.

I’m thinking yoga or pilates tomorrow… What’s your workout plan for tomorrow?



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