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I think it could catch on.

It’s getting to look a lot like Christmas …

On my feet, in all the stores, on TV… BUT the weather here in New York is being a bit strange. It’s warm here. And I think everyone is confused by this. It’s December and it’s almost Christmas and it’s 60 degrees? I’m trying to get in the Christmas spirit but after living here (NY) for so long my body is confused. Shouldn’t I be wearing my huge jacket and UGG boots?? 

Anyway – I had a great run last night! 5 strong miles, just under a 9 minute pace. What made the run a little difficult: I think NYSC didn’t get the memo that it was warm out last night and might have had the heat on??? I was sweating like it was August again with 100% humidity! not fun. 

And yes. I did get sushi. I know a lot of people are refueling with Chocolate Milk after their runs… But I would like to end my runs refueling with sushi. I think it could catch on.

Tonight Ryan and I are making dinner. We’re not sure what we’re going to make yet – but we’ve decided it has to be something we’ve never cooked before… So things might get a little interesting. Good thing I’m such an awesome cook 😉


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Two Things I love.

Chocolate milk with glutamine! This drink helps with muscle recovery and tastes pretty darn good. It was perfect after my four miler yesterday. At each mile I increased my speed and got down to 8:34 and the last mile I put the treadmill on a 1.0% incline. It was a tough workout!

BIC Bands. Heard about them from this girl. And now I’m in LOVE with them. AND with every purchase money goes to charity. They’re super cute and don’t slip! They have every size, color, design you can think of. I even where them to work sometimes. LOVE THEM


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