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We can’t put ornaments on the bottom…

I was too sick to run the race on Sunday… I know I could have run it but I would have been miserable and I probably would have gotten more sick. I also want to be fit and healthy not only for Christmas but the Manhattan half marathon that is a little more a month away! I need to get some ten-mile runs in!

So I just slept a lot this weekend. Cleaned. And put up this little tree… It’s our own Charlie Brown Christmas tree. We can’t put ornaments on the bottom because my cat attacks the tree. Fun times over here on the Upper East Side. haha

The weather was great this weekend and the few times I did go outside it was wonderful. 

Have any of you tried this ice cream!??? It might be my favorite… I bought it on one of my outings this weekend. Try it. You will thank me 🙂

Three mile run planned for tonight!


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Catie 0 – Cold 1

Ugh. I’m sick. I’ve gotten a cold and right now it’s winning. I can’t really breath and I’m nervous I might not  be able to run in the race this Sunday… My plan is to just sleep lots and lots tonight and tomorrow and hopefully I’ll feel close to normal by Sunday morning. Oh and I did get in to the Manhattan half!!! woot woot!

To lift my spirits I bought sushi last night…

And I’m writing my Christmas cards to my family and friends.

Oh, and I’m listening to Christmas music 🙂

Here’s the course map for Sunday. Let’s all cross our fingers that I’m better by then! Thanks! Happy Friday!


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