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How I Recover

You know you’re a runner when it’s the day after the marathon and you see other people running and you want to join them… Even though you’re super sore and you can hardly walk up and down stairs.
Though the New York City Marathon was a tough one for me I cannot wait to get back out there. Yesterday I signed up for another half marathon so now I have three races to look forward to in 2014. Two half marathons in Central Park and the Big Sur marathon in April.
In order to get back  out there and train, right now I need to focus on recovery. I’ve been wearing my awesome compression socks and shorts every night when I get home from work and I sleep in them too. I truly believe they help. I wear the cw-x Women’s Pro Shorts. Click here for the link! They are worth the money!
I’m also downing water like it’s my job. That last thing I want to be is dehydrated. Drinking a lot of water also gets me walking – to the bathroom – so it helps my muscles too. In addition to drinking water Ryan and I have made an effort to really eat some healthy dinners. Last night we made steak, baked potatoes and spinach. My iron levels can get low so the steak and spinach really helps after a hard race. I also take one iron pill after dinner nightly.
The last thing for a good recovery is to stretch! It may hurt but it really does help. I stretch before bed so I can fall asleep easier. It helps with sore muscles.
What is your recovery plan after a race?
Oh ps! Today’s my birthday! I’m getting my haircut (should I get bangs???) and going out to dinner with Ryan!!! I can’t wait! 🙂


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Combating Sore Legs

Last nights run with The Running Company was hard. We ran the usual five miles but my legs were still tired from Saturday. And they’re pretty sore today. I slept in my Recovery Socks and I’m now wearing them at work. These little legs of mine need to shape up and feel better!

In order to get my muscles feeling great again I picked up some blueberries and peaches at the store. Antioxidants from the blueberries will for sure help and the peaches… Well, I just really love them. I ate a bunch of the blueberries last night as my dessert and watched the Wonder Years and Doogie Howser. It was awesome. I felt like I was ten years old again.

This morning, with my legs still aching I decided to make some toast with peanut butter (protein and carbs) and chocolate milk (calcium). I’m full and feeling good.

Now, if only my legs would get the memo. It’s time to stop being sore! Maybe I’ll hop on the elliptical tonight and stretch a ton… Maybe that’ll help 🙂

Anyone else watch The Wonder Years and Doogie Howser when they were younger??

What’s your workout tonight??

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Avoiding Burnout

Yesterday I was suppose to run ten miles. My legs wouldn’t have it. They were still tired from last week and my 17 mile run on Saturday. I ran for two miles and then did the spin bike for ten minutes. I also have been neglecting weight training so I did 50 push ups with ab exercises as a break between the sets of push ups.

After the gym I slipped on my recovery socks and slept in them too to try and help. My legs do feel better today so maybe I’ll keep wearing the socks at night and when I sleep.

I also need to be ready for Saturday’s run. So this week, to avoid the dreaded BURNOUT I’m scaling back. I’ll be on the ellipical machine, maybe run 2 – 3 miles, do some weight training…

I just want and need my legs to be fresh and ready for Saturday. If they are tired there is no way on earth I’ll be able to complete 20 miles. So that’s my plan.

Also! Exciting news! Kristen my Running Buddy from Nashville is coming to New York! Tomorrow! And staying with me and my roommate! We are going to have so much fun. I can’t wait!!! 

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My Legs are Sore – Like Woah

Since I don’t have internet in my apartment yet I can’t blog on the weekends. So today’s blog is all about Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. I know. Woah three days. This is going to be a long post, right?! Not really… I didn’t do that much.

Friday – Friday I had a lovely little evening after work. I got my haircut. I love it. Got sushi, went to The Running Company for more GU Chomps and two pairs of shorts that I can use for both running and spin class and I went to Borders. Borders was really sad… The store in the Time Warner building is closing and it just looks so depressing. I did get really great deals on some books though. But still, super sad.

I got a bunch of layers and had the ends trimmed.

I love it… What do you think???

Saturday – LONG RUN DAY. I did not start until about 11am. Bad idea. It was hot outside. I got a little sunburn on my back… I ran 17 miles. Warm up and warm down was my last mile making a total of 18 miles. After that my legs were shot. Oh, and people were looking at me all weird again when I was walking home. YES. I know my face is super red. Thanks. You know, in Central Park I look pretty normal with all the other runners… But once I step outside of the park I look like a crazy person wearing spandex. I’m surprised a tourist didn’t snap a photo of me. Labeled – Crazy spandex lady. I did a lot of workouts last week, including my first spin class and I think my legs were mad at me. Saturday night I watched The Social Network. That’s about it. After running 17+ miles what more do you want from me? 

Sunday – Went to the gym for a little recovery session. (Wearing my compression socks all night really helped my legs feel better on Sunday!) 30 minutes on the elliptical. I can’t remember the last time I used that machine. It was nice and my legs felt good. I then got coffee with a friend and we walked around my new neighborhood 🙂 And I painted one of the walls in our living room. It’s pretty.

I slept a lot this weekend and it was great.

Today – This morning I went to 6am spin class. I’m addicted yes. It’s so fun and the music is awesome! I’m really feeling it in my legs though. Like woah. Sore. Tonight I’m hanging out with Ryan (boyfriend). He was on a guys trip for five days going to various baseball games. (I’m glad I wasn’t invited) I’m excited to see him! (I wonder if he got me a present…)

Have you ever taken a spin class??? Did you love it? hate it? Get addicted like me???


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Long Branch Half-Marathon

I loved this race. So far it might be my all time favorite. The weather was perfect and the spectators were great! The race started and ended on the boardwalk overlooking the ocean which I loved. The race route went through a bunch of the neighborhoods in Long Branch which was cool. The houses were beautiful and all the people who lived there were out cheering for us. People had cut up orange slices for us, sprinklers to run through, water and one guy was even passing out beer!

My left glute muscle never hurt once and I just kept at a pretty even pace all throughout the race. I beat my 13.1 New York Half time which was my goal for this race! My time was 1:49:38, which makes my pace 8:22!!! I was also 34th in my age group! Cool! Sometimes I still can’t believe that I can run for that long or that fast! Me! The girl who used to hate running ONE mile…

Ryan was a great photographer and supporter! He even found me at the last stretch to the finish! He yelled out my name and raced me to the finish! It was such a surprise and gave me a big burst of energy 🙂

Today I’m super tired. I slept a lot yesterday but my body might be a little mad at me… Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be good as new!

Below are some photos from the race! Enjoy!

Sunday morning, making sure I have all my race stuff. Two vitamin waters, two Clif bars, Garmin watch, Running belt, Sunglasses, compression socks for after the race, race registration and packet pick up information.

It was such a beautiful day! I’m ready to run!!!

Total dork picture…

Here we go!!!

Almost done! You can tell I’m a little tired… I did grab a Vita Coco which was tasty 🙂

I’m hoping the race photographers got a photo or two of me… Hopefully I’ll be able to post them soon!

Anyone love Kara Goucher??? I do! Click here!!


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13.1 New York – Race Re-Cap

Race Re-Cap:

Ryan and I arrived at Flushing Meadows Park at around 8:20am. Once we got there we looked for where the start was… The signage was horrible. We had no idea where to go. People were walking all around and in different directions. We finally saw one sign with an arrow pointing to the start and headed in that direction hoping we were going the right way. Thankfully we did and we met up with my friend Carolina from work who was also running the half-marathon.

As it got closer to the start I was getting more and more nervous.

We all got in the corals and were ready to run! (The race started about ten minutes late) There I am waving at Ryan who was ready to cheer me on 🙂

This may be my favorite picture of them all! It’s at the start of the race and I love how happy and excited I look. This was waaaay before my hip started to hurt so bad. It’s not really my hip, I guess it’s a muscle in my left butt cheek? (Don’t laugh) I don’t know what that muscle is called… My hip, or whatever it is, started to hurt at about mile 6 or 7. At times I really wanted to stop because of how bad my hip hurt but I just kept going, I didn’t want to stop I had to make my goal time!!

The course was okay. We did a lot of loops throughout the park and at times there was large pools of water where we were suppose to be running. Not cool. There were also potholes on the road and one woman fell in front of me who cut her hands. I squirted some of my water on her hands as we ran so she could get the dirt and rocks off. I felt bad for her but I was happy I was there with my dorky water bottle fanny pack to help her!

Here I am running my hardest to the finish line. I’m the girl with the black compression socks on and the horribly annoying water bottle ‘fanny pack.’ I will never wear it again. It kept riding up and driving me crazy throughout the race.

Here’s me and Carolina after we finished the race with our AWESOME medals!!! They’re super cool and part of it even spins! I also love that our bibs have our names on it 🙂

All in all the race was fun. It was a small race compared to the Coogans 5K, and the signage was not the best. They did do a wonderful job with the water stations, bathrooms and medical stops. The finish also had awesome food. Sparkling water, flat water, three different kinds of poweraid, bagels and cream cheese, bananas, muffins and granola bars. I thought this was great!

Las Vegas pictures are coming soon!


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The Big 1-2.

I did it! 12 miles!

I ran with one of my co-workers and it was actually nice to have someone else there to motivate me. Not just that little voice in your head cheering you on! The girl I ran with was little faster than me so she kept me moving and the last two miles I helped her by pressing on and finishing up the run at a faster pace.

We ran in Central Park and did the longer loop once, which is 6 miles, and then the lower loop three times. The 6 mile loop was pretty difficult… There were some monster hills that killed my legs in the beginning. After the first 6 miles my legs were screaming for me to stop. Hills are not my friend… I’ll have to work on that.

All in all. The run was good. The weather was perfect and the park was packed. Great people watching. Which put me in a good mood. Oh, and the recovery socks were great! Thanks Jess!!! 🙂

I now know I’m ready for the half-marathon! I can do it! Hooray!!! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Tomorrow: Volunteering at the NYC Half Marathon!!!


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Guess Who

Guess who’s running 12 miles tomorrow morning?!?!




(lets hope I look this good after my run)


I’ll let you guys know how it goes…

Wish me luck! 🙂

PS – I ordered a pair of compression/ recovery socks and got them in the mail today so I’m going to try them out tomorrow. I’ll post a review about them soon.


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I’m Famous, Didn’t You Know?!


Oh man my legs are tired today! But I did it! No stopping, I just kept on running and running until my Garmin told me I had run ten miles. I ran the Central Park lower loop seven times until I hit the ten-mile mark. I saw the same people over and over and OVER again… I even saw a girl wearing a Marist College sweatshirt (I didn’t recognize her – disappointing).

Besides the glorious smell of the roasted nuts form Nuts-4-Nuts I also love that I’m part of what makes Central Park a tourist destination. It’s pretty cool to have people from around the world taking pictures of the park with you running in them. Basically I’m a tourist attraction. I’m famous. Didn’t you know?!

It was a good run and I’m super happy that I didn’t give up or stop!

I’ve been hearing a lot about recovery socks/ compression socks and I’m intrigued. I’m going to do some research and see if they’re right for me. Apparently they’d help with those pesky shin splints I’ve been getting and also just the overall soreness you get after a run. I’ll keep you guys updated. Oh, and they come is cool colors too… Another bonus 🙂


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