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Guess Who

Guess who’s running 12 miles tomorrow morning?!?!




(lets hope I look this good after my run)


I’ll let you guys know how it goes…

Wish me luck! 🙂

PS – I ordered a pair of compression/ recovery socks and got them in the mail today so I’m going to try them out tomorrow. I’ll post a review about them soon.


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I’m Famous, Didn’t You Know?!


Oh man my legs are tired today! But I did it! No stopping, I just kept on running and running until my Garmin told me I had run ten miles. I ran the Central Park lower loop seven times until I hit the ten-mile mark. I saw the same people over and over and OVER again… I even saw a girl wearing a Marist College sweatshirt (I didn’t recognize her – disappointing).

Besides the glorious smell of the roasted nuts form Nuts-4-Nuts I also love that I’m part of what makes Central Park a tourist destination. It’s pretty cool to have people from around the world taking pictures of the park with you running in them. Basically I’m a tourist attraction. I’m famous. Didn’t you know?!

It was a good run and I’m super happy that I didn’t give up or stop!

I’ve been hearing a lot about recovery socks/ compression socks and I’m intrigued. I’m going to do some research and see if they’re right for me. Apparently they’d help with those pesky shin splints I’ve been getting and also just the overall soreness you get after a run. I’ll keep you guys updated. Oh, and they come is cool colors too… Another bonus 🙂


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